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Fun "Extras" for Your Wedding Day | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

You’re almost at the end of your wedding planning, hooray! Maybe you’re feeling like something is missing, a little something fun or unique to add to your wedding. Here are some “extras” to consider adding to your big day!


Dessert Bags or Boxes

Consider purchasing goodie bags or boxes so guests can take some dessert or cake to go! After all you can never have too much dessert! Your guests will certainly appreciate it and it will help to avoid any waste at the end of the night.

Late Night Snack

Who doesn’t love a late night snack!? This is a great opportunity to add some of your favorite food to your wedding! We have seen everything from pizza from the couple’s favorite pizzeria, McDonalds French fries or Round Rock Donuts (If you know, you know!)

Glow Sticks

These can be a fun option to bring out on the dance floor and can also be used as a grand exit item as well! You can go with the traditional glow sticks or we have also seen large foam ones. Either way your guests are sure to have a blast with them!

Flip Flops

This one might sounds weird at first but it’s actually genius! Have a large basket with inexpensive flip flops of all sizes somewhere near the dance floor. If anyone dancing the night away can’t deal with their heels anymore or find their shoes are more uncomfortable than they anticipated, this offers them away to keep partying the night away.

Build Your Own “Bar” of Your Choice

Think about adding some kind of build your own bar to your wedding. The options are endless! Some examples would be a s’mores bar where you could have a couple different options of chocolate, a hot chocolate and/or coffee bar where guests can pick their own drink flavorings and toppings, or even a candy bar where you could have jars of different candy and guests could create their own custom candy mix. Things like this are always super fun for guests and won’t take much effort to set up.

Lawn Games

Classic games like corn hole or bottle toss can be a super fun addition for your wedding day. These are typically a great addition to cocktail hour but can definitely be used all night! You could contact a rental company for these or use your own. A fun idea would be to make your own corn hole (or any lawn game you love) and have your guests sign it when they play. Then you’ll have a fun game for your home together and a memory from your wedding day!

Or find them on Amazon and let Ashley Nicole Affair customize them for your big day!

Photo Booth

This one is definitely a classic but fun option to add to your big day. Everyone loves them and you can even turn it into a guest book by having your guests put their print outs in a blank album and signing it. There are so many options for photo booths you are sure to find one that suits your style. Definitely ask about our Glam Booth!

Believe it or not, there are so many more options out there! Think outside the box and get creative! No matter what you choose we are sure your guests will appreciate it!