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Cake Alternatives for Your Wedding Day | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

Wedding cakes are a traditional way to approach dessert at a wedding. There are so many styles & flavor

options and they can do some pretty awesome things with cakes these days. However, cake is definitely

not your only option. Not a cake fan? Take a look at some cake alternatives below.



Bundt Cakes, cupcakes, and cake pops are all other fun alternatives to traditional wedding cake. You can

get them made into custom shapes and colors just like regular cake and your guests will be sure to enjoy

these fun desserts!


Donuts are such a fun cake alternative. You will still be getting a delicious dessert but with a fun and

casual vibe. You can order multiple flavors and styles, such as traditional donuts, cream filled, or donut

holes. You can stack them, serve them on platters, or even try a unique donut display. You can’t go

wrong with donuts!


A cookie bar is a super fun dessert for a wedding and there are so many options. Cookies and milk or

decorate your own sugar cookies would be fun for a holiday or winter wedding. You could have a cute

spread of all of your favorite cookies you enjoy at home together. You can get custom made sugar

cookies or even get a little fancy with macarons, the list goes on!


Who doesn’t love pie?! You could have seasonal full size pies such as pumpkin, pecan, and apple pies for

a fall/winter wedding. Or you could even have mini pies from a company like Tiny Pies! We have seen

other unique options like pie pops and hand pies as well!


Imagine different sized jars and bowls filled to the top with your favorite candies. Your guests will feel

like they are kids again filling up their treat bags with sweets!


There are even more fun and delicious options to choose from! Cheesecake/cheesecake bites, a s’mores

bar, crème brule, chocolate mousse, lemon bars, tiramisu and banana pudding with vanilla wafers are

just a few more options, If you can think of it, most likely there is a company who does it. We have seen

everything from gelato carts to custom ice cream sandwiches!

Be sure to choose what YOU want, and don’t feel like you have to go with a traditional cake. Remember,

you can even do a combination of a few things you love! The options are endless, so get creative and

have fun with it!

*Pro Tip: Be sure to provide little bags or to-go boxes so your guests can take any left overs with them at the end of the night!