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All Things Cake & Dessert for Your Wedding Day!

Whether you’re ordering a wedding cake, other desserts or both, it can be tricky to figure out exactly how much to order. You don’t want to run out on your wedding day or have way too much that a bunch of delicious sweets get thrown away. We spoke with our amazing friend and baker Christy (owner of Cakes ROCK!!! & Rose Haven) to give you all the tips about cakes and dessert you need for your big day!


1. What factors should couples consider when deciding how much cake to order?

We recommend a 1 slice per guest ratio, if it's a cake. For dessert tables, they will need 2-3 bites per guest, so often dessert tables are more expensive than cakes. If the cake is served as DESSERT (which is what it is at the end of the day!), the guests will wipe it out & we often have couples say they never got any of their own cake except for the bite during cake cutting! If couples or planners wait until later in the timeline to do the cake cutting and serve the cake, all the guests are dancing, drinking and partying, and often don't even realize the cake has been served. We recommend serving the cake at the end of the dinner, when people still have the 'dessert stomach' that isn't full yet, lol. This way they are WANTING dessert because they just finished a big meal. Later, that big meal has settled in and guests aren't hungry for dessert anymore.

2. Is any particular factor of a cake the most important? If so, why?

The cake is truly the centerpiece of the reception and an important part of the decor. ALL the guests watch the cake shows, and they are excited to see what kind of cake will be at a wedding! A cake can be a simple white buttercream with just fresh florals, or it can be a heavily decorated showstopper---both are gorgeous. But the real showstopper is usually the groom's cake, especially if it's sculpted or themed, like a TV show cake. It will be the hit of the wedding and guests will talk about it forever. It's one of the most memorable things a couple can do to set their wedding apart.

3. What is your biggest tip for couples when ordering their cake/cakes?

The big blogs and wedding websites are WRONG when they say people don't eat wedding cake anymore. They most certainly devour GOOD cake! Ours usually get obliterated. And older guests, especially, are really looking forward to having a piece of delicious wedding cake. Of course, guests are going to appreciate whatever they are served and offer compliments and thanks, but many secretly aren't impressed with desserts they can get anywhere. They can pick up doughnuts at the gas station on the way to the wedding, for example. The wedding cake is still a rare treat. Also, if a couple cuts a small cake just for the ceremony, and doesn't serve cake to the guests, many are VERY disappointed! They saw cake, but didn't get any cake. So even if there are desserts it's still good to serve cake too. There are no rules or calories considered at a wedding! The guests will take the slice of cake, pile the dessert bites on top of it, and enjoy it all!

*Pro Tip: Ask your planner to snag you a slice of cake and/or some of your other desserts to box up so you can bring it with you to enjoy wherever you’re staying on your wedding night!

We hope these expert tips will help you to have your cake and eat it too!


Cakes: Cakes Rock!!! (Rose Haven Bakery)

Photography: Camera Shi | Mikelo and Lindsey | Moodyography | Lady Bird Studios/Alexandra White Photo

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