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Wedding Day Rentals | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

If you’re looking to bring some extra style to your wedding day, rentals are the way to go! There are so

many options for rentals to level up your big day and we’re here to walk you through your options!



A ceremony arch or backdrop can help your ceremony feel extra special! There are so many shapes and

sizes and they can be decorated with greenery or flowers. Or, instead of using an arch you can also use columns and/or pedestals to cover with florals and candles and create an eye-catching ceremony spot.

Aisle runners can be a super fun option for your ceremony site. You can go the more traditional route

with a long aisle runner or you can spice it up a little by layering vintage-style rugs all the way down your


Your guests will need a place to sit of course! If you’re getting married in a church, seating is taken care

of, but if not there are a ton of different styles of chairs you can choose from, or your venue might

already provide them. A lot of the time they will need to be repurposed and moved to your reception

tables. Depending on your venue or style, you might want to take a different route and rent rustic

benches, church pews, or even hay bales!


Most wedding tend to have a cocktail hour where guests can mingle and enjoy drinks and appetizers

while the couple takes photos. This one may seem obvious, but we highly recommend renting cocktail

tables for your guests. They offer extra space for drinks and plates and additional areas for guests to

gather around.

Lounge furniture is a really cool way to not only offer comfy seating for your guests, but it’s also a great

way to add some color and style to your wedding. Lounge furniture can be added inside or outside. We

often have couples rent lounge furniture for outdoors areas. We see everything from large sofas to

stylish arm chairs and side tables.


Any rentals you have from your ceremony and cocktail hour can usually be repurposed and/or moved

for your reception which is great! There are some reception specific things you may want to consider.

You have a couple different options when it comes to tables. You can choose round tables or rectangular

tables with linens, or you can rent farmhouse tables. With farmhouse tables you typically do not put

linens on them, and stick to maybe a table runner and centerpieces only. It all depends on the vibe you

are going for.

Speaking of linens, there are so many different options when it comes to linens and napkins for your big

day. There are a ton of colors, and textures to choose from, so just keep in mind your color scheme and

wedding style if you’re choosing linens!

Flatware, dinnerware and chargers are a few other things to consider for your reception. Again there are

so many options to choose from, so keep in mind the overall vibe you want for your wedding when

making your selections


Your venue will of course already have some lighting, but you can always rent more! Festoon/string

lights and candles always add a nice ambiance to any space. You could also consider renting up lighting

to highlight trees or architectural features or to just bring some color onto your dance floor!

Neon Signs are a great way to bring in some extra style to your wedding. They not only look cool but can

also make for a fun place for your guests to take photos when hung on a wall or backdrop.

Mirrors a nd other décor are also something to consider. Mirrors can be used for signage or seating

displays and there are tons of other kinds of décor that can be added through your venue to really

complete the look you are going for. A few examples could be lanterns, vintage suitcases, baskets, card

displays, etc.

Everyone loves photo booths! There are actual booths you have to step into or open air photo booths

with a backdrop. Most photo booths come with props and the ability to get the photos sent to your

guests digitally.

There are definitely more rental options than we listed here but these are all great options if you’re

interested in renting some special items to bring your wedding vision to life. Be sure to talk to your

venue and make sure everything you’re wanting is allowed. Also be sure to let your planner know about

anything your planning on renting and they can help give suggestions or recommendations based on

their expertise. Happy planning!