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Last Minute Prime Day Deals for your Wedding (& Beyond!) | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

Haven't shopped Amazon Prime Day deals yet? No worries, we've got you covered! Here is a list of some things we found that we think you'll love!

Ok so this one isn't technically a Prime Day Deal, BUT it's a great deal for an awesome camera that would be fun for your guests to pass around at your wedding, use as a picture guest book or even take with you on your honeymoon! Snag it before this deal is gone!

We all know Texas summers are HOT and staying hydrated on your wedding day is so important. So whether you're getting married this summer or later this year, consider picking up these liquid IV drink packs to help with your hydration needs. They also taste super good!

Teeth Whitening Kits are great for all year round, but they are especially aweome for the weeks leading up to your wedding day! We all want those white smiles in our wedding photos! Save yourself the stress and money of making another appontment before your wedding day and whiten your teeth at home!

OK so the name is pretty funny but it is a great gift for the man in your life. With ceramic blades and the ability to use it wet or dry, there's nothing this thing can't trim.

Planning on doing some travel after your wedding? Pick up a Kindle for easy reading on the plane, in the car or at the beach! There are a lot of Kindle deals so be sure to check them all out before you buy!

Looking for a wedding day gift for your partner, or maybe your Father or Father In Law? This Bulova watch is 60% off! It is stainless steel and water resistant up to 100 meters.

There are so many events leading up to your big day and we want you to feel good for all of them! If you happen to notice a pimple popping up the day before your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or wedding day, pop one of these bad boys on and rest easy. These drastically improve the appearance of pimples over night! (We've tried these ourselves and they really do work!)

These cute and comfy pjs would not only be great for you, but they would be a great gift for your bridesamaids! They have a ton of colors to choose from. Yall could wear these while getting ready together on your wedding day!

Back to hydration, because its important! Snag yourself this 32 oz water bottle so you can have plenty of water with you all year long. They also have a TON of colors! This could be a fun bridesmaid gift as well!

In need of a new suitcase? There are tons of Prime Day deals out there for luggage. We like the features and color options of this one. You can use it to bring everything you need to get ready at your hotel or venue for your wedding day as well as on your honeymoon!

Earbuds are another travel essencial! Pick up these noise canceling earbuds for you and your partner!

You can never have too many tote bags! This cute bride tote will come in handy for your big day or maybe you can gift it to a fellow bride!

If you've never used these before, start now! These patches feel great because of their cooling effect but they also help with puffy under-eyes or dark circles. They are great for your wedding day but also for any day of the year.

This camera will give ou peace of mind when you're away from your fur babies. Not only can you watch your pets from your phone but you can throw them a treat too! This is on sale for just over 30% so snag it while you can!

Another high-tech device you need in your life is the robot vaccum. You can control this one from your phone and set it to vaccum certain zones of your home. We promise its a life changer!

Looking for a fun new scent for your wedding day? We've heard so many great things about Dime Beauty. If you have too, now might be a great time to try them out!

You're about to walk down the aisle when you realize you forgot to shave your armpits! Have no fear, this electric wet/dry razor is here! Its not as close of a shave as a regular razor but makes it practically unnoticeable. This can be used year round for anytime you need a quick last-minute shave!

Collagen Peptides help support hair, skin, nail, bone and joint health. They also contain a great amount of protein. This one is unflavored and can be added to your coffee, smoothies or even tea or water which makes it easy to take this supplement. They also have a chocolate flavor and many others!

What would Prime Day be without an awesome TV deal. Maybe you need another TV for your new home together or you're just looking to upgrade the TV you still have from college. EIther way, don't forget to check out these awesome TV deals before they're gone!

Did you know there are websites that have partnered with Amazon that give you Prime Day discounts?! Click the link above to find all the participants and score some great deals beyond Amazon!

We hope you liked our picks! There are a ton more out there so Happy Shopping!