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One Year Anniversary Ideas | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

Congrats, you’ve been married for a year! Rather than just go out to dinner, why not do something unique? Here are some fun ideas for you to consider!

1. Eat at the place you had your first date or where you got engaged!

Neither one of those a restaurant? Pack up some yummy food, grab a blanket and have a romantic picnic at one of these memorable spots! Don’t forget to take some pics!

2. Do a photoshoot!

Check in with your wedding photographer – sometimes they offer a discount for their past couples! Either way, a photo shoot is such a fun way to celebrate together! You could do the photo shoot at one of your favorite places or even just at your home together. Realistic photos of couple just watching a movie or cooking together or playing with their pets at home are some of the best photos!

3. Eat cake!

Check with your wedding baker, but they most likely will be able to make you a small anniversary cake or cupcakes the same flavor as you had on your wedding day. Flip through your wedding album or watch your wedding film to reminisce while enjoying your sweet treat.

4. Make a wedding album!

If you haven’t made a wedding album yet, this might be the perfect time to do it. You could make it a date night by going through your favorite photos of your wedding and then either making a digital album or getting the photos printed and putting them in a photo album.

5. Book a staycation!

There are so many amazing places in and around Austin. One of our favorites is Memory Lane Range & Lodge!

6. Spend the day (or a few days) doing everything mentioned above!

Whatever you choose to do will be great because you are celebrating your love for each other. Congratulations! We wish you many more years of happiness and celebrating together.




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