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How to Preserve Your Wedding Items | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

You’ve just gotten married and went on your honeymoon, and now you’re back at home trying to figure out what to do with some of your most important wedding items. Rather than just put them in the back of your closet, think about preserving them correctly so they can stand the test of time. Here are a few places to start!

Your Wedding Dress

Most likely, you spent a good chunk of change on your wedding dress. Don’t let it wither away in the back of your closet! One of the easiest ways to preserve your dress is to find a company who does it all for you, like Affordable Preservation Company. According to The Knot, they are the #1 top rated wedding dress preservation company. All you have to do is select your package on their website. They send you the shipping materials to safely send them your dress and they take care of the rest!

Your Wedding Bouquet

There are many ways to preserve your bouquet but our favorite is to press your flowers. You can definitely DIY this, but we recommend finding a company like Pressed Flowers. You only get one chance at preserving your flowers so we recommend trusting a professional to ensure you can keep this work of art forever!

Another way to preserve your bouquet would be to dry it out and put it inside a shadow box. Very simple but easy to do!

Another option would be to use the flowers from your bouquet in an epoxy resin. Again this is something you could do yourself, but to be extra sure it works out we suggest hiring a professional. Leman Floral on Etsy creates custom ring holders and coasters with her clients flowers and they are gorgeous!

Family Heirlooms

Were you gifted any family heirlooms to wear on your wedding day? This could be older heirlooms like jewelry, a watch or cufflinks or even something you’re planning on turning into a family heirloom like a hair accessory or custom handkerchief. Be sure to take special care of these items and keep them all together. Put them all in a sealed, labeled box and consider putting them in a fireproof safe. Doing this will keep those special items protected until you’re ready to pass them on.

Your Vows

Not everyone hires a videographer for their wedding (although we HIGHLY recommend it!) and you may forget to keep the paper your vows were written on, or maybe you just said your vows straight from the heart in the moment. Vows are an important part of your marriage and you don’t want to forget what they were! Consider typing them up to print and frame them in your home together, or include them in your wedding album. You can even purchase little vow books to write your vows in to keep forever!

Photography: Cloud Craft Studios


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