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Photo Sharing Options for Your Wedding Day | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

You have meticulously selected a photographer and/or videographer for your big day, congrats! Most photographers take at least 3-4 weeks to get your wedding photos back to you, and videography can take even longer. While you’re waiting for your stunning professional photos/videos, why not be able to take a look at all the photos and videos your guests took? We are going to break down a few options on how you can do this and re-live your wedding the next day!

This one might be the easiest option since pretty much everyone has access to Google and it wouldn’t require anyone to download an app. You would create a Google Drive link for your guests to add their photos/videos and put it on your wedding website. Easy! Just make sure you make the link pubic so anyone can add to it. You don’t want to get a hundred “request to access” emails the next day!

This app is great for people who love organization. Prior to your wedding day you can set up categories for your guests so you can easily access the photos/videos from each part of your wedding that you’re looking for. Another cool thing about this app is its only multi-language wedding photo app on the market. This means that your guests will see the app in their local language, no matter where they are from. There is a free version of this app, but depending on what you want you may want to pay for one of their packages.

This app not only allows you to collect photos and videos from your guests, but you can also message your guests too. Just invite your guests to use the app, share details such as the time and date of your rehearsal dinner or reception, and stay connected with the in-app messaging feature. Then, as your guests enjoy every event leading up to and on your wedding day, they can share memorable photos and videos with you.

This is a global group chat messaging app that is great for weddings with guests from around the world. You can create different group chats for out-of-town guests, family, and specific activities. This way, guests don’t get overwhelmed with messages that aren’t relevant to their wedding weekend experience. Guests can also send photos and videos in this app, much like texting. It won’t be as organized as a wedding-specific app, but it’s still a great tool to use for your guests to share their memories with you.

This is a great option because like Google Drive, you can use the app or a computer. There are probably some technologically challenged people in your life (Hey Grandma!) that might really appreciate not having to figure out how to use an app to share their photos with you. You can also create one or multiple group chats. Maybe you want to create one for family and one for friends, the photos might look quite different!

This app is a lot like the other wedding apps, but it has a fun feature where guests can also send real time voice messages in addition to photos and videos. You’ll probably have some pretty funny messages to give you a laugh the next morning!

*Don’t forget to let your vendors know about your photo sharing options! They are likely taking photos throughout the night as well for their social media and behind the scenes and will surely share their photos with you!