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Bridal Accessories for your Bridal Attire Goals | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

You’ve said yes to the dress and now it’s time to choose your jewelry and accessories! There are so

many options so we are here to help break it down for you!


Keep It Simple

If your dress is very detailed or intricate, it might be a good idea to keep your jewelry simpler and

understated. Look for very thin and dainty single necklaces and for earrings stick to simple studs or

really small hoops. This way the focus stays on the beautiful dress you’ve chosen!

Low Neck or Back Line

If your dress has a low neckline, you might want to consider a lavaliere or “drop” necklace to accentuate

that sexy detail. There are also necklaces that have the “drop” down your back if you have a low

backline. As far as accessories go, if you have a low back or fun detail on the back of your dress, you

might want to skip the veil so nothing covers up that part of your dress.

Go Bold

Is your dress very simple, without lots of detail like lace and beading? This is a great opportunity to really spice up your accessories. You can go bold with some larger earrings or necklace. You also might want to consider some other non-jewelry accessories such as a wedding belt or sash.

Other Things to Consider

If you are a more traditional bri de, keep in mind your something borrowed. Consider using heirloom

jewelry or a family member’s veil to add a sentimental aspect to your wedding accessories.

Don’t forget to consider your wedding hairstyle when picking out your jewelry, especially any earrings

you plan on wearing. If you’re wearing your hair up, your earrings will be much more noticeable.

Another thing to consider is your dress material. If your dress material can get snagged easily (like tulle

for example, be considerate of a necklace style th at could keep getting caught on your dress. Also keep

this in mind when it comes to your wedding shoes. Shoes with gems or diamonds on top can snag a long

wedding dress as your walking and that’s not something you want to be worrying about on your

wedding day!