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Things to Consider About Your Wedding Day Shoes | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

Getting a gorgeous wedding dress is a top priority for brides, but what about your shoes? Style and

aesthetics are an important part of your wedding day, but so is your comfort! You don’t want to be in a

stunning dress on the best day of your life while also wincing in pain as you walk down the aisle. Here

are some things to consider when choosing your wedding day shoes.


Do you wear heels on a regular basis?

If not, heels on your wedding day may not be the best idea. If you

are set on wearing heels, buy them EARLY, before your dress alterations. Test them out a few times

around the house. If you’re uncomfortable after only 10 minutes, you’ll definitely be uncomfortable

walking around in them all day at your wedding. Consider a shorter, wider heel for more comfort!

Hate heels?

There are so many cute and comfortable alternatives to heels. Bridal flats, cute sneakers or

cowboy boots to name a few. Keep in mind that if you have a full length gown, they won’t show most of

the time anyway! This can be a cool way to incorporate a little fun into your photos as well!

Outdoor Wedding?

Keep in mind that if you’ll be outside the majority of your wedding, skinny heels

may sink in the grass and leave you with muddy shoes. If you are set on wearing heels, consider

purchasing high heel protectors like these. They will help your shoes from sinking and avoid a muddy


Best of both worlds.

Did you find the perfect pair of heels, but are worried about being uncomfortable?

Go ahead and buy the heels, but buy a backup pair of flats or sneakers. Wear your cute heels for the

ceremony and photos, and switch your shoes afterwards so you can dance the night away!

Break them in!

No matter what kind of shoes you choose for your special day, make sure you break

them in. Blisters and foot pain are definitely two things you do not want to deal with on your wedding

day! Just in case, pack a couple band aids or blister pads for back up.




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