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Bridal Accessories for Your Big Day | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

Fashion Icon Iris Apfel once said, “You can put your money into accessories and you could create a million different looks." The same is true with bridal accessories, but with so many options available, it could be a little intimidating. After all, the bride is *the* center of attention at every wedding. It’s a wise decision to decide on bridal accessories after you’ve said yes to the dress - if you have a flashy dress, you may want to go with simple accessories, but if you have selected a simple dress, you could and should go wild with the accessories! Keep reading for some fun bridal accessories you can incorporate into your big day - and don't worry stylish grooms, we'll have a blog for y'all soon, too!

You may be asking yourself, why do I need bridal accessories? Isn’t the dress enough? Bridal accessories add a touch of elegance that can enhance even the simplest wedding dress. They can also connect your wedding ensemble with your wedding theme, or even better, your unique personality. While some bridal accessories were created out of tradition (cue the veil), some brides forgo the original meaning and go straight for the aesthetic values of accessories. But honestly, you can’t go wrong; afterall, you are the bride, it’s your look, and most importantly, it’s your day!

Most would consider a veil a “must-have” bridal accessory, whether it’s for traditional purposes, or maybe there’s a veil in the family heirloom, or to embrace something borrowed or simply to showcase and complete that bridal look. Veils come in a variety of lengths, colors and styles and each one is unique to the bride, her look, her style, her day. Regardless of your reason for selecting a veil, there’s a few things to think about, or perhaps tips to consider before settling on the perfect veil. ​ Tip #1 - who are you as a bride? Would you consider yourself more simple and practical? Then go with a short to medium length veil. Would you consider yourself more glamorous? Then you may decide to choose a long veil. Do you see yourself being committed and wearing your veil for both the ceremony and reception? Or do you want the freedom to move around and dance your heart out and only wear your veil during your ceremony? Tip #2 - what style venue have you selected? Believe it or not, but your wedding venue plays an important factor in your big day vision, including your veil. A few questions to ask yourself when considering your veil are: Is the ceremony inside or outside? How will the weather and temperature be? How long is the walkway to your significant other? Are you walking on concrete, stone, grass, hard wood floors? If having an outdoor ceremony and there’s a long walkway to your ‘I do’s”, you may consider a shorter veil; one that’s easier to wear, walk in, and one that won’t get stuck while your walking down the aisle (but if it does, don’t turn around, just keep walking!).

Tip #3 - what does your dress look like? Let’s face it - the wedding dress is everything (well to most brides it is!), which is why you should find a veil that compliments your dress, and not one that competes, covers or takes over. If you have a simple dress, maybe go for that sparkly, dramatic veil that adds a little glitter and glamour. If you have a backless dress, perhaps select a veil that’s a little shorter & one that shows off that back detail. Also, don’t think that the veil needs to match the dress perfectly in style and color - but they will be in plenty of pictures together, so make sure they compliment each other, and don’t clash. You can always ask your bridal dress consultant which veils would look best with your dress, and allow you to try on a few different styles, shades & length so you can feel confident with your selection. Tip #4 - taking it off Whether you are simply wearing the veil for the ceremony, or have decided to be dedicated to it the duration of the reception, you’ll want to consider how and when the veil will come off. Most brides just wear the veil for the ceremony and a few pictures, so it’s important to choose a hairstyle or headpiece that allows for quick and easy removal (without ruining your bridal hair). If you have selected to do a trial run for your wedding hair, we suggest bringing your veil with you, so your hairstylist can know prior to wedding day the best and easiest way to apply & also remove your veil.


We can't hide it - we are SHOE OBSESSED. Shoes can make a perfect wedding detail picture, be your pop of color, and show your true style - but there’s a fine line between the most glamorous pair, and the most comfortable. Even if you select to have the perfect pair of stilettos for your ceremony, you may also want to invest in a comfortable pair of bridal shoes that can last the duration of the reception. Trust us: you should and deserve to go all out on your shoes to express your style - go for that bold color, the sparkle, those high heels! However, you will be on your feet probably most of the day and evening, so don’t feel bad about those flip flops, or Vans or Converse. ​Start thinking about your bridal shoes now though, because once you have said yes to your dress, you’ll want to setup dress alteration appointments, and the tailor will want you to bring your bridal shoes to your appointment (afterall, you don’t want your dress to be long or short). Also, consider your venue - will you be walking in the grass? If so, you may want wedges or some sort of heels that don’t sink into the grass. Will you be standing on concrete or stone? If so, you may want to go with that mid-heel height so you don’t walk and feel wobbly. Don’t be afraid to be unique AND, if you don’t want to wear heels all night, find a cute reception shoe (white platform tennis shoes!) so you can comfortably dance the night away!


One of the most obvious things about getting married is that big sparkly diamond ring on your finger, but before you exchange rings, you’ll probably consider some sort of additional jewelry to wear for your big day. Wedding jewelry adds that perfect, finishing touch of elegance, personality, uniqueness to encompass that bridal look. You’ll most likely consider the overall hue of your dress before choosing between gold, silver, bold bright colorful gemstones, or you may even match your jewelry to your florals, bouquets, linens, etc. Before you head to your favorite jewelry store, you might consider asking a family member, such as a mother or grandmother for a special piece to borrow for your big day, (of course if they haven’t offered a meaningful item before now). Plus, everyone needs something borrowed for their big day! You’ll also want to consider your dress and hairstyle before selecting your bridal jewelry, such as the neckline of your dress, or whether you’ll be wearing your hair in an up-do or down with perfect curls. ​

Earrings How do you envision your hair? If you’re leaving your hair down, you may consider some sparkly studs or some drop earrings for that peekaboo effect. If you’re planning on having your hair in an up-do, you could go bold and a little more dramatic and select earrings that frame your face and stand out. Necklace Regardless of your dress, a dainty, classic necklace with some diamond or rhinestone details is simply the quickest way to add some pizzazz to your wedding dress. But if you want to make a statement, go bold with a statement necklace, heck, maybe even select one that brings out the colors in your bouquet. Layered necklaces, drop necklaces, chokers and even back drop necklaces can add a little sparkle without going overboard and stealing the spotlight from your wedding dress. Bracelet Bracelets can add some subtle glam to any dress, but do keep in mind that you’ll most likely be holding your bouquet, so your bracelet won’t be in the spotlight too much. You’ll also want to make sure the bracelet you select won’t catch or snag on your wedding dress. Ring It’s Texas, so let’s face it, a class ring is our daily jewelry accessory. You’ll want to think about the pictures you’ll have for a lifetime, and if you don’t think your college ring will make the cut in 20, 30, 60 years, maybe consider leaving it off for your wedding day. You can always swap it out with a grandmother’s wedding ring, or some dainty stackable rings. But don’t let your additional rings steal the thunder from your new wedding band!


Bridal hair is just as crucial as the dress, the shoes, the jewelry - a bridal hairstyle completes the entire bridal look, but why stop with just hair when you can complete your look with a hair accessory or headpiece?! After you select your wedding dress, you’ll want to start narrowing down your hairstyle look - of course, consider the venue, the weather, the temperature, your dress, your veil, etc. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself when it comes to headpiece styling. Question #1 - does it go with my dress and overall bridal look? There’s a wide range of headpieces, and there are some that go specifically with a theme or style. If you are considering a headpiece, you’ll want to make sure it goes with your overall look and that it doesn’t look out of place. If you are getting married in a ballroom, you may not want to consider a boho flower crown, but instead a tiara and gemstone bararete. Question #2 - will I be wearing a veil? If you have opted to wear a veil at some point of your wedding day, you’ll want to make sure your hair accessory blends well with the veil. There are some veils that can be styled or applied with a hair comb, but if it can’t, maybe select to wear the veil during the ceremony, and then add a hairpiece for the reception. Question #3 - does this hair accessory make me feel pretty and comfortable? We’ve all had those hairstyles and/or up-do’s that cause us to have a massive headache or neck ache the next day, and the same can be for a headpiece. There are some hair accessories that are trendy, look great for Instagram pictures, but are completely uncomfortable. You’ve planned every detail of your wedding day and you deserve to have the best day, so make sure whatever hair accessory you choose, you’ll be able to wear all day and night.

Hair Clip, Hair Pin or Barrette These are perfect if you are planning on leaving your hair down for your wedding and they give you a little sparkle while keeping your hair in place for those picture perfect moments. Hair Comb If you are envisioning a bridal up-do, a hair comb is a perfect accent and/or can embellish a veil. Tiara Imaging that fairytale wedding look? A tiara is a glamorous crown that’s made for that princess bride, and its versatile enough to be worn by itself, or with a veil; and can be worn with an up-do or if you are letting your hair down. Fascinator If vintage is more your style, a fascinator gives you that captivating, elegant and luxurious bridal look. Flowers or Flower Crown Whether you are having a rustic, garden, casual, summery, beach wedding or not, flowers can add that perfect touch to your wedding look. You can choose to wear a flower crown with loose curls, a low-do or braids or you can simply add a flower or two that match your bouquet or the guys boutonnieres.

Headband These are simple & easy and look great with long or short hair, and look fabulous with or without a veil. Hat We get it - your wedding day might not typically be a day you'd think to wear a hat, but if you have that retro vibe, or simply want to keep the sun out of your eyes, you may consider a cute hat, whether you wear it down the aisle or just for some pictures.


There’s one thing you can’t control in wedding planning, and that’s mother nature. Whether you are planning a winter wedding or not, the weather can be unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you have to ruin your bridal look. There are a few winter accessories that are trendy and picture perfect, whether you end up needing to use them for practicality or just for that photo opportunity. Wraps, Bolero’s, Shawls, Faux Fur These can be used as a warmer and are great for fall and winter weddings, but they can also act as a fashion element to put together a bridal look. Typically these just cover the bride’s upper body and give a modest and romantic look. Jean or Leather Jackets Not only are these super trendy right now, but they are extremely practical because even in the spring and summer, the weather can change on a dime. You may not wear these down the aisle, but they can make for great bridal party pictures or casual couple pictures, especially if you get it customized with calligraphy or embroidery of your *new* last name!​


​Are you still needing that "something blue"? A wedding garter might be the perfect accessory to do so with. Yes, you’ll be wearing the gather under your wedding dress, but don’t feel limited with it - you can customize it, bring your personality out with it, or simply keep it simple. If you’re the type that will want to show that garter off into pictures, you may want to select one that’s sexier or one that has more detail. So select your song, and get ready for that garter toss! ​


Still looking for those extra accessories that scream "bride"? It’s easy to add personality, lace, sparkle, color into almost everything - from nail color, to bridal hangers, silk robes, clutches, champagne glasses, etc. Personalize everything your heart desires to let everyone know that YOU JUST GOT MARRIED! And don't forget about accessories for AFTER the wedding, too! Get a customized getaway bag, lingerie, monogrammed pajamas, a bridal shirt for the plane ride, white sunglasses for your honeymoon, etc. You don't have to stop being the bride just because the big day is over!


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