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Finding "The One" AKA Your Bridal Gown | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

It sounds stressful, but it isn't and CAN be fun! It's good to be prepared with the right questions to ask and the right places to go. To start, we recommend that you locate the types of bridal salons that you want to visit, narrow it down to two to start, and make appointments. ​WHERE TO START ‣ Do they have any trunk shows coming up? ‣ Are you looking for a certain designer? ‣ Does your budget fit in with the salon? ‣ Are you interested in a second hand dress? ‣ Do they offer custom dresses only? ‣ Are there dresses you can purchase off of the rack and leave with on the day of? ‣ Do they also offer bridesmaid dresses? ‣ Do they also sell veils, undergarments and extra accessories? BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT(S) ‣ Is there a limit on guests that you can bring to your appointments? ‣ Will there be champagne provided, or is that something that you are allowed to bring? ‣ How much time should you put aside for trying on dresses? ‣ What should you wear when trying on dresses? ‣ Are there certain undergarments that you should bring? ‣ If you don't have your shoes for the day of, would you recommend bringing a pair that could have a similar type of heel? ‣ How involved will your consultants be when it comes to offering advice to help me find the best color and style for my body?

WHEN YOU FIND THE ONE ‣ Will I be leaving with a dress today, off of the rack? ‣ If not, how long will it take for the dress that I purchase to arrive? ‣ Do you provide alterations? ‣ If you don’t provide them, who do you recommend? ‣ What is the recommended timeline for alterations? ‣ How much should I budget for this? ‣ How many total fittings will I need? ‣ What is the timeline for when I need to have those scheduled? ‣ Do you have any type of refund/cancellation/exchange policy if I purchase a dress, but later find one that I might like more at your salon? POST WEDDING ‣ Do you provide services for after I wear the dress; like cleaning, preserving, and boxing? ‣ How much can I budget for preserving and cleaning my dress? ‣ If it is a second hand shop, what are you looking for when buying dresses for your salon's inventory?


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