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If We Postpone, What Can We Do to Honor Our Original Date? | Austin, TX Wedding Planners


If you know in your heart of hearts, that is the day that you wanted to be married we recommend having a small elopement ceremony on your original date, Eloping is NOT just some messy backup plan. This special day can still be just as romantic, intimate, and well-planned. If you’re choosing to go this route, your wedding vision still matters, and the details are what will make the day extra special. After your gorgeous elopement, you can look forward to celebrating on a grander scale for your one-year anniversary with ALL of your intended guests!

COVID-19 has changed our lives so drastically and has affected the entire world that surrounds us. We want you to know that we are also devastated that it has the possibly changed your wedding plans. We are in an industry that depends and thrives on social interactions and gathering in groups. When you hurt, we hurt with you.

​If you’ve made the difficult decision to postpone your wedding, don’t worry you’re not alone. Now you might be wondering what happens next - how can you still celebrate the should-have-been big day, without any negative emotion? While considering all your options, think about what you and partner wanted to get out of this day in the first place. Postponing the original plan doesn’t mean you have to call the whole thing off and sit at home in your pajamas; although that's totally an option.

If eloping isn't your thing and you are postponing the big day to have your larger-scaled vision, we still recommend celebrating your original wedding date! We understand these times are hard, plans can change drastically, but we recommend staying positive so you can always look back on positive memories. Just because the date changed does not mean that there isn't a reason to celebrate - a date is just a number and your love is going to be the same on that date AND the future date. We have come up with a new suggestions on how to celebrate the "what should have been" day!


‣ ⁠A Picnic for Two Order takeout from your favorite restaurant or finally try that new spot you’ve had your eye on. Go all out - spring for the appetizers, dessert, and a bottle of wine. Bust out candles, your favorite flowers, and an awesome playlist to really set the tone.

‣ ⁠Treat Yourself Sometimes a little retail therapy IS the answer. Lift your spirits by treating yourself to something special off your registry that you were really looking forward to; or even better splurge on some upgraded jewelry to wear on the big day and start wearing the jewelry that you already purchased!

​‣ ⁠Small Get Together If it’s safe to gather with a few family members or friends, then head to the backyard for a mini soiree! Throw on a little white dress and enjoy a night of mingling with your nearest and dearest.

‣ ⁠Indulge Your Sweet Tooth Just because there is not a ceremony does NOT mean there can’t be cake. Have your baker make a small version or your future wedding cake – it’s a fun way to get a look and taste at what the real thing will look like! ‣ ⁠​Vow Sneak Peak Let your romantic side shine and write each other letters or “mini vows” to share in private, or write them together, seal them in an envelope, and put them away to read to reach other in front of everyone at the big celebration in a year.


‣ ⁠Romantic Road trip Go ahead and book that yurt in Marfa or Wimberley, or that bed and breakfast in Fredericksburg. Spend the weekend wine tasting and zip lining. A quick weekend getaway is the perfect escape to unwind and relax, while redirecting your energy about the changes. It's a great way to keep it intimate and focus on experiencing things with just the two of you.

​‣ ⁠Private Dinner Check with your venue to see if they are currently offering hourly rental rates. You can also bring in a fancy dinner from your favorite restaurant, or check to see if there is a chef on-site that can cook something up for just the two of you. If there is not a chef, check if your venue has a restaurant on-site or nearby that they recommend. You can always make a reservation where your rehearsal dinner would have been and don't be afraid to ask if you can have a more intimate setting with your reservation. Take this time to reflect on what made you choose this location and area for your special day and take time to cheers to exciting beginnings!

​‣ ⁠Be Adventurous Conquer a new activity that’s been sitting on your to-do list. Make a reservation at a local state park, or one of the city's top swimming holes with waterfalls. Hike to the top of that mountain or the highest point in the city, get a tattoo, go paddle boarding, or even sign up take a class together. We recommend something exciting to make new and positive memories on this date.

​‣ ⁠Photo Shoot Book your photographer for a one hour session at your favorite spots around town, in front of your venue, or just at home being yourselves. Its a great confidence booster to get yourself ready and out to be photographed on the memorable day and you can always look back at these photos to remind you of your love story.

We understand it can be hard to be positive planning a wedding during a time like this - trust us, we are struggling to. You have to remember that the love that you share is the center of your marriage. As long as you have each other, you will continue to go through the motions of life and sometimes you have to celebrate the downs, just as much as you celebrate the ups. Life is a rollercoaster, but you're not on it alone. Love is not cancelled; love doesn't have to be postponed. Make your original day and every day leading up to what your new idea of "the big day" special. No matter how you choose to celebrate, your love story is the greatest story that you will ever write. You have the ability to pick up the pen and start writing it.