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Choosing Your Wedding Florals | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

Choosing your wedding florals can be so fun but it can also be a bit overwhelming! We are here to help!

Well actually, Fleur Affair is here to help! A little over a year ago we started doing florals for some of our

clients and Fleur Affair was born. We are here to help you get started with the floral design process!


Decide on your Wedding Colors

Choosing your wedding colors is the first step in the design process for choosing your flowers. Your

wedding colors will be the base for a lot of your design decisions so this is an important step!

Create Your Pinterest

Check out our blog post on how to create your wedding inspiration board! This will help you to figure

out your wedding style and give your ideas on what you might want on your wedding day.

Save Photos from Other Weddings

If you have seen any specific photos of flowers from other weddings that you love, be sure to save

those! They could be from a friend’s wedding or something you found online. Doing this along with

creating your Pinterest will help give your florist a great idea of what you want.

Choose your Flowers

First and foremost, you will need to let your florist know which flowers you MUST have and which ones

you definitely DON’T want. Your florist will also be able to give you suggestions on the types of flowers

that will work well with your design as well as let you know which flowers are in season. It’s important

to keep in mind that there is always a chance that a specific flower or greenery may not be available for

your wedding day. If this happens your florist’s expertise will allow them to offer similar suggestions so

you can still have the look and feel you want.

Create a Google Drive

Last but not least, create a Google Drive with all of this information in it to send to your florist. This

keeps everything in one place so you both can easily refer back to it anytime.

We hope these tips prove to be helpful when choosing your wedding florals!




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