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2023 Recap: The Biggest Trends We Have Seen This Year | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

We can't wait to see what 2024 has in store for weddings and trends! Here is a quick recap of the 2023 trends we saw at some of our favorite weddings!

Audio Guest Books

Although there are a variety of ways you can incorporate a guest book into your wedding day, audio guest books were a hit this year! An audio guest book allows your family and friends to express their congratulations and sweet messages for you in their own voices. It also provides you with an easy way to relive the highlights of your wedding whenever you wish.

Fun Colors

Exuberant colors were the theme of 2023 weddings! More and more couples are opting in for a wedding that is filled with bright colors regardless of the season. Whether it is for florals, decor, or bridesmaid dresses, this is a wonderful way to add your own uniqueness into your wedding.

Cold Sparks

Also known as indoor fireworks, cold sparks are not only visually appealing, but they are also a safer and non-hazardous option to incorporate “fireworks” into your big day. Since these provide minimal smoke, they are eco-friendly and many venues encourage them. These could be used for your grand entrance, first dance, or could lead your pathway during your grand exit.

Late Night Snacks

Who doesn’t love a late night snack?! Weddings can be exhausting in the best way, especially after you have been dancing with your loved ones all night. Whether it is pizza slices, donut holes, fast food, or whatever else your heart desires before the wedding comes to an end, late night snacks have been a popular option for couples. Rather than giving all of your guests a traditional party favor, late night snacks are a great way to refuel the crowd and get your friends and family back on the dance floor!

Champagne Seating Charts & Champagne Towers

What better way to find your seat at the reception than by a champagne seating chart? Not to mention, why not add in a champagne tower to kick off toasts? Champagne seating charts and champagne towers stole the spotlight in the wedding industry this year. From elegant seating arrangements with personalized champagne flutes to breathtaking towers with an overflow of bubbly delight, couples are embracing champagne-themed decor this year! Incorporating these trendy elements will surely bring your celebration to new heights. Cheers to love and champagne dreams!

Seated Bridal Parties

Many brides and grooms have begun to do away with having their bridal party standing next to them at the altar. Another option that we are seeing more of is having your bridal party sit on the first few rows to make your moment with your significant other even more personal and intimate. It can also be hard to order your bridesmaids and groomsmen in the perfect order, and this is a great alternative to keep in mind. Many of the couples still had their bridal party walk down the aisle, but would find their seat rather than remaining standing for the ceremony.

Mismatched Bridal Party Outfits

The fashion game in 2023 has evolved, and we have been seeing more and more brides choose an array of colors for their wedding party. Mismatched bridal party outfits have become such a fun trend because let’s be real, not every person loves certain colors and styles of dresses. This is a fun way to give your bridal party more freedom in what they wear as they stand by your side.