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  • Emily + Victor; Villa Antonia - Jonestown, TX

    Wedding Day Photography: @amosleyphoto Detail Photography: @taydanayphotography Official Vendor Credits: Planning: @ashleynicoleaffair⁠ Venue: @villa_antonia Day of Photography: @amosleyphoto Day of Videography: @rebeccalynnfilms Florist: @fleuraffairco DJ/Lighting: Bryan Rangel Catering: @cateringbymopsie Cake/Dessert: @cathyscakeboutique Hair/MUA: @madexthem Rentals: @premiereeventstx Officiant: @theknottyer Cold Sparks: @bigdogpyro Signage: @designtoflourish Mariachi: @mariachiatx Glam Booth: @ashleynicoleaffair⁠ Transportation:

  • Best FAQs for Your Wedding Website

    Creating a wedding website is something most people do these days. It’s a great way to keep all your wedding details in order for your guests and you can even do cool things like send reminders about RSVPs. But what are some of the most important things you need to include on your website? Read below for our suggestions! 1. What time should I arrive to the ceremony? This one is obviously super important! You typically want your guests to start arriving 30 minutes before your ceremony begins. So if your ceremony starts at 5pm, put a 4:30pm arrival. 2. What is the dress code? If you have a specific vision in mind for your guest’s attire, make sure you let them know! It could be semi-formal, casual or even something more specific like having your guests wear a certain color. 3. Where is the venue located? Always make sure you include directions to your venue. Even though most likely your guests could Google the venue and get the address/directions on their own, this eliminates that step for them and also allows you to include parking information and any special instructions if your venue can be a little tricky to get to. 4. Are kids welcome? This is something you will need to discuss with your partner and decide together. Whatever the case, be sure to include it in your FAQs. Check out our blog on how to have a kid free wedding for more advice on this! 5. Where do you recommend out of town guests stay? This is an important one to add, especially if you have a lot of out of town guests. Figure out a couple hotels closest to your venue and reserve some room blocks for your quests. Be sure to let them know if there is a deadline on when to book their room! It would also be nice to include a few fun things they can do while in town as well. Here are some ideas for the Austin Area! 6. When does the reception end? People like to know the end time of events they are attending. It can help them plan for transportation and plans afterwards! Some couples might want to include the basic timeline of their wedding day on their website, but at the very least be sure to include the end time along with the arrival time mentioned above. 7. Will you have food options for people with allergies or dietary restrictions? This is something you and your fiancé will decide with your caterer. Ask people to let you know if they have any special food accommodations that need to be made so you can be sure they have a meal they can enjoy at your wedding. *You can include information about your wedding registry in your FAQs as well but there is usually a separate tab specifically for this on most wedding websites! There are many more things to add to the FAQs on your website but these are a few of the most important ones! Here are some other suggestions from Wedding Wire. Your wedding planner will also be able to help you with your FAQs since they know exactly what’s happening at your wedding. Be sure to check out our blog on how to achieve wedding website perfection! Photography: Betsy Y. Photo | Brooke Taelor | Emily Boone | Cloud Craft Studios | Gloria Goode

  • Allison + Jackson; The Videre Estate - Wimberley, TX

    Planning/Coordination: @ashleynicoleaffair_lyndapohl (Ashley Nicole Affair) Photography: Tara Williams Venue: The Videre Estate Caterer: Chuy’s Florist: The Floral Studio Rentals: Marquee Rentals DJ : Southern Gentleman Entertainment

  • How to Create Your Wedding Guest List

    Creating your guest list for your wedding seems simple but it can quickly turn into a daunting task. There might be some people in your life pressuring you to invite people or you may not be sure how to handle plus ones or kids. We are here to help! 1. Complete your guest list 6 months prior to your wedding As a general rule of thumb, save the dates should be sent out about 6 months before your wedding day. This will help give you a deadline for when you need to have your desired guest list ready! 2. Start with the people most important to you Start your guest list with the people in your life that mean the most to you, the people you absolutely need at your wedding! Family and your very best friends will most likely make up most of your guest list. 3. Decide if you want kids at your wedding This can be a tough decision, but remember it is your wedding and you deserve to have the wedding you want! Check out our blog post about how to ask for a kid-free wedding day if that the route you decide on. 4. How to manage plus ones You will need to decide how you want to handle plus ones. Most people don’t want to look through their wedding photos and see a bunch of strangers. If you don’t want anyone at your wedding you don’t know, you’ll need to make it clear to any single friends or family that they can’t have a plus one unless they meet your “terms.” That could be unless you’ve met their date, or unless they are in a relationship with their date, whatever you feel most comfortable with! 5. How to handle guest requests Maybe your in-laws are asking if you can invite all of their friends…who you aren’t close with at all. This can be tough to handle especially if they are helping foot the bill. Have an honest and respectful conversation and explain your intention isn’t to hurt anyone’s feelings but that you want your wedding to be filled with the people you love and not acquaintances or people you don’t know. 6. Consider your budget When you have a pretty solid guest list make sure your budget can accommodate everyone. This could mean taking a look at the cost of tables/chairs, catering and cake. If you feel like you’re going over budget, take the time to sit down together and figure out if there is anyone you can cross off your list. At the end of the day, remember this is your wedding day! Be sure to invite those closest to you who will help your big day feel even more special than it already is. Photography: Gloria Goode | Nikk Nguyen Photography | Brandi Allyse Photo | Sarah KJ Photography | Brooke Miller Photography | Caitlin Rose Photo

  • Jess + James; Villa Antonia - Jonestown, TX

    Featured on: Brides & Weddings and Strictly Weddings Planning/Glam Booth: Ashley Nicole Affair Photography: Gloria Goode Photography Venue: Villa Antonia Florist: Fleur Affair Catering: Royal Fig Cake: Feathers and Frosting Gelato: Dolce Bacio Hair/MUA: Katy Reddell Beauty Stationary: Green Girl Design Co. DJ: Premier Entertainment Group Musician: Sienna String Quartet Rentals: Marquee Event Rentals Transportation: Fly-Rides

  • Speeding Springs Venue Tour - Dripping Springs, TX

    "Nestled in the heart of Dripping Springs, TX, Speeding Springs is a wedding venue that's as unique as your love story. Picture celebrating your special day in an event space that was once a classic car dealership but has since become an elegant and memorable event space, perfect for car enthusiasts. Cole and Megan are the dynamic duo behind this one-of-a-kind venue and are dedicated to sprinkling your nuptial celebrations with vintage elegance. So, rev up your romance and prepare for a wedding day that's as timeless as the cars that surround you at Speeding Springs." - Speeding Springs via The Knot "This automotive dreamland spans over 10,000 square-foot of space, and provides a rustic charm with its high ceilings, vintage car collection, and natural lighting. A private area is reserved for you and your closest loved ones to bond and prepare for the exciting festivities. For your arriving guests, the venue offers a feast for the eyes with its authentic car-themed accents and iconic signage scattered throughout the property. It sets the stage for a wedding celebration that's as exhilarating as your love story, right here at Speeding Springs." - Speeding Springs via The Knot Photography: Joanna & Brett Photography

  • Shannon + Mike; The Addison Grove - Austin, TX

    Planning: Ashley Nicole Affair Photography: Betsy Y. Photo Venue: The Addison Grove Florist: Native Bloom Floral Catering: SoHo Catering and Consulting Hair/MUA: Lux Beauty and Bridal Lighting: Brighter Side Event Lighting Band: Blind Date Austin Videography: Squinted Cinema Rentals: Premiere Events Transportation: Uptown Valet & ATX Classic Cars

  • Is Pre-Marital Counseling for You?

    We’ve all heard of pre-marital counseling but what does that actually mean? We are here to break it down for you to help you decide if it is something you and your fiancé want to explore. 1. You May Not Have a Choice. Depending on where you’re planning to have your wedding ceremony, you may not have the choice to opt out of pre-marital counseling. Many churches actually require pre-marital counseling in order to get married at their church. Keep this is mind as you decide on your ceremony venue. 2. Should We Do Pre-Marital Counseling? This is completely up to you except for the circumstance we listed above. Talk to your partner and see how they feel about the idea. Often times, couples use pre-marital counseling as a tool to learn more about one another. It can help build communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills and identify any expectations that may be unspoken. Pre-Marital Counseling can help you come to an agreement on how you both want your marriage to go before any potential issues arise after the fact. 3. What is Involved in Pre-Marital Counseling? You will both have to be willing to commit to the time and effort pre-marital counseling takes. According to Taylor Counseling Group, “You will learn about yourselves as a couple, be made aware of unhealthy habits that easily form if you’re not careful, and discuss topics that may not have naturally come up in your dating relationship. Come ready to discuss communication styles, conflict resolution, marriage expectations, and more.” 4. When Should We Start? According to Jousline Savra, a licensed marriage and family therapist, “It's best to do premarital counseling either before getting engaged or setting the wedding date,” in her interview with She says 6-9 months of pre-marital counseling can go a long way. We know couples aren’t going to always wait before getting engaged or setting a wedding day. But based on what we’ve been reading, if you’re choosing this route, definitely start sooner rather than later. 5. Are There Any Cons to Pre-Marital Counseling? Well, it depends on how you look at it. From our research we’ve read a couple things - one con being that you may get negative feedback from loved ones. People will always have an opinion on what they think you should do. Just remember this is your marriage and you are doing what you feel is best for your relationship. Another “con” is that it could bring up problems you didn’t realize you had in your relationship. However, this could be perceived as a good thing, because now you will have the opportunity to work through those problems before the wedding. The last thing would be getting a bad counselor. Sometimes you may not mesh with someone well, or they could just be flat-out unhelpful. If this happens, get out of there quick and find yourself a new counselor that better suits your needs. 6. How Much Does It Cost? According to the article mentioned above, depending on where you live a pre-marital counseling could set you back between $100-$300 per session. Remember that if you choose this route to think of it as an investment in your future together, because that’s exactly what it is! 7. If We Opt Out, Are We Destined to Fail? Absolutely not! There are tons of couples with successful marriages that never did counseling. As far as we are concerned this choice is up to you! Photography: Molly Morgan Photography | Caitlin Rose Photo | Monica Danielle Photography | Camera Shi Photography

  • Taylor + Ben; The Arlo - Austin, TX

    Featured on Brides and Weddings Vendor Contributions: Planning: Ashley Nicole Affair Photography/Videography: Cloud Craft Studios Venue: The Arlo Florist: Bouquets of Austin Catering: Royal Fig Catering Ice Luge: Full Spectrum Ice Cake/Dessert: Sweet Treets Bakery Hair/MUA: Adore Makeup Salon Lighting: Elite Marquee Austin Ceremony/Cocktail Hour Musicians: Terra Vista Strings DJ/Photo Booth: Premier Entertainment Group Signage: Design to Flourish Rentals: Premiere Events Lounge Furniture: Loot Rentals Cold Sparks: Big Dog Pyro

  • Fun "Extras" for Your Wedding Day

    You’re almost at the end of your wedding planning, hooray! Maybe you’re feeling like something is missing, a little something fun or unique to add to your wedding. Here are some “extras” to consider adding to your big day! Dessert Bags or Boxes Consider purchasing goodie bags or boxes so guests can take some dessert or cake to go! After all you can never have too much dessert! Your guests will certainly appreciate it and it will help to avoid any waste at the end of the night. Late Night Snack Who doesn’t love a late night snack!? This is a great opportunity to add some of your favorite food to your wedding! We have seen everything from pizza from the couple’s favorite pizzeria, McDonalds French fries or Round Rock Donuts (If you know, you know!) Glow Sticks These can be a fun option to bring out on the dance floor and can also be used as a grand exit item as well! You can go with the traditional glow sticks or we have also seen large foam ones. Either way your guests are sure to have a blast with them! Flip Flops This one might sounds weird at first but it’s actually genius! Have a large basket with inexpensive flip flops of all sizes somewhere near the dance floor. If anyone dancing the night away can’t deal with their heels anymore or find their shoes are more uncomfortable than they anticipated, this offers them away to keep partying the night away. Build Your Own “Bar” of Your Choice Think about adding some kind of build your own bar to your wedding. The options are endless! Some examples would be a s’mores bar where you could have a couple different options of chocolate, a hot chocolate and/or coffee bar where guests can pick their own drink flavorings and toppings, or even a candy bar where you could have jars of different candy and guests could create their own custom candy mix. Things like this are always super fun for guests and won’t take much effort to set up. Lawn Games Classic games like corn hole or bottle toss can be a super fun addition for your wedding day. These are typically a great addition to cocktail hour but can definitely be used all night! You could contact a rental company for these or use your own. A fun idea would be to make your own corn hole (or any lawn game you love) and have your guests sign it when they play. Then you’ll have a fun game for your home together and a memory from your wedding day! Or find them on Amazon and let Ashley Nicole Affair customize them for your big day! Mr. & Mrs. Bean Bags Cornhole Board Set / Cornhole Board Set - Stained & Ready to go! Jenga: Make it a game or your guestbook! Photo Booth This one is definitely a classic but fun option to add to your big day. Everyone loves them and you can even turn it into a guest book by having your guests put their print outs in a blank album and signing it. There are so many options for photo booths you are sure to find one that suits your style. Definitely ask about our Glam Booth! Believe it or not, there are so many more options out there! Think outside the box and get creative! No matter what you choose we are sure your guests will appreciate it! Photography: Cloud Craft Studios | Molly Morgan Photography | Camera Shi | Tim Laeielli | Nikk Nguyen Photo | Dani Quiroz Photo

  • Stefany + Dave; The Addison Grove - Austin, TX

    Vendor Contributions: Planning: Ashley Nicole Affair | Photography: Curation Studios | Venue/Drapery: The Addison Grove | Florist: Fleur Affair | Lounge Furniture: Bee Lavish Vintage | Catering: Royal Fig | Cake: Sweet Treets Bakery | Hair/MUA: Adore Makeup Boutique & Salon | DJ: Premier Entertainment Austin

  • Annika + Shreeman; The Inn at Loretto - Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Planning/Rentals/Decor: Ashley Nicole Affair Photography: Molly Morgan Photography Chapel: Loretto Chapel Venue/Catering: Inn and Spa at Loretto Florist: Fleur Affair Tequila Donkey: Bear Creek Adventures Dress/Bridal Salon: Annika Bridal Cake: Cake Fetish Cookies: ABC Cake Shop Hair/MUA: A. Salon Santa Fe DJ/Mariachi: Abacus Entertainment

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