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Weekday Weddings: Are They for You? | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

Whether you’re pivoting after an unexpected postponement or you’re a newly engaged couple, one of the first details you’ll probably want to lock down is a date for your wedding! Wherever you are in your search, keep an open mind and be sure to research all of the available options. You may find yourself drawn to do something that you didn’t originally think would be for you; like scheduling a weekday wedding. If you’re still on the fence, here’s the real deal on why a weekday wedding might be the right fit for you! Photography by Heidi Elyse

​SAVINGS Budget is a huge factor in the wedding planning process, so you might be swayed to book a weekday wedding based on the savings alone. Most vendors will offer a pricing discount to book an event that takes place at an off-peak time. With the possibility to save big, you can allocate funds towards something that you really wanted- like a gourmet plated dinner, live band, full-service planner, or a cute lounge set up!

Photography by Brooke Taelor AVAILABILITY ​ If you have your heart set on a sought-after vendor or venue, being open to a weekday wedding will give you more options for date availability. Popular vendors in your area may be booked up months in advance for Saturdays. Having flexibility in your wedding date can really free you up to get the things you wanted without competing for saturated weekend dates. ​Let's be honest, 2020 blended in with 2021 so give your favorite vendor the benefit of the doubt and inquire about their weekday schedule! ​DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT ​You can play into the timing and setting of your weekday wedding to create a unique experience. Try a happy hour reception with cocktails and small bites instead of serving a traditional seated meal. Or a brunch themed celebration for a mid-day affair, bring in a coffee bar with a barista to whip up café style drinks. Take advantage of the timing in the week and book out a venue that isn’t available on the weekends- for example, some popular restaurants won’t host private events on a busy Saturday but will happily host a wedding dinner on a Thursday.

Photography by Moodyography TIMELINE Even if you’re planning your wedding on a shorter timeline, there doesn’t have to be any compromising on the key components! Look to a weekday wedding to open up more possibilities for a dream wedding in a tighter time frame. We always think about planning to the future, but we can literally plan a wedding in ten days. Entertain the idea of a wedding sooner than later! Instead of thinking of next year, think of the next few months! With COVID there are a lot of dates opening up for the rest of the year and you could score some pretty good discounts on a contract takeover. INTIMATE

We have to be honest with you, not every guest will be able to attend a weekday wedding; this is one of the few downsides. Even if it’s a local event people may have work or other scheduling conflicts that don’t allow them to be present. For those needing to travel, there may be even greater obstacles when it comes to attending your mid-week nuptials, BUT don’t let that deter you! The positive news is that those who made the effort to celebrate you are truly there for you and provide a loving and intimate setting for you big day. There are now PLENTY of options to livestream your wedding so those who are unable to join can still feel present!

Photography by Moodyography TRAVEL Speaking of travel, choosing a weekday date may reduce travel and accommodation costs for out of town guests. If it’s a destination wedding, you’ll also get the benefits of non-weekend travel rates and crowds! Tuesdays and Wednesdays are statistically the cheapest days of the week to fly so maybe everyone will be able to snag some great airline and lodging deals. Don't forget you can always get a courtesy room block during the week to help accommodate your guests! MEMORABLE Doing something different will set you apart, how will guests ever forget a Wednesday beach wedding or a Friday afternoon dance party? During these crazy times in the world, they truly will never forget when you invited them to your weekday wedding via livestream and sent them a cookie or piece of cake to eat while they watched! Whatever your reasons for choosing a weekday date, just have comfort in knowing that your guests will be thrilled that you included them in this special day and a date is JUST a date. Your marriage and wedding will be perfect any day of the week.

Photography by Dani Quiroz


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