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What Can I Budget for Wedding Day Flowers? | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

As your wedding plans unfold, one of the most beautiful elements to consider is adding floral decor. Flowers have the ability to not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your wedding day, but they are also heavily rooted in symbolism of love and new beginnings. There is no denying that breathtaking floral arrangements can transform your wedding day into a unique and beautiful masterpiece, but one question that may remain is, “How much do they cost?” The price of florals for a wedding can differ due to various reasons such as seasonal availability, years of experience, vendor reputation, economic factors, trends, labor intensity, and local market supply and demand. Our team of wedding planners reached out to florists in the Austin area wedding industry and have compiled the average cost based on their information submitted.


Altar: Ceremony

Photographer: Brooke Taelor / Florist: Lovelily | Photographer: Madison Katlin / Florist: The Flower Girl | Photographer: Neva Michelle Photography / Florist: White's Floral | Photographer: Geoff Nguyen / Florist: Good Seed Floral | Photographer: A. Mosely / Florist: Fleur Affair | Photographer: April Mae Creative / Florist: Bouquets of Austin

A ceremony with an altar and arrangements on every row (10 rows = 20 aisle arrangements) you can expect to spend $5,000. For just the altar and back of aisle arrangements, the average cost starts at $3,000 for a lush ceremony design that is heavy in flowers and light in filler (greenery, baby's breath, etc.)

Bouquets: Bridal/Bridesmaids

Photographer: A. Mosley / Florist: Fleur Affair | Photographer: Brooke Taelor / Florist: Lovelily | Photographer: Madison Katlin / Florist: The Flower Girl

For a fairly standard, smaller bridesmaid posey bouquet with dainty and textural blooms, the average cost can start at $90 per bouquet. A larger, hand-tied bridal bouquet can start at $150-$175. For a luxury, larger bridal bouquet that incorporates poppies, peonies, dahlias, or other high-cost florals, the average cost starts at $325 depending on the season, availability, complexity of design and more.

Centerpieces: Bud Vases

Photographer: Brooke Taelor / Florist: Lovelily

The cost of bud vases varies depending on the type of blooms wanted. Flowers such as dahlias or delphinium have a higher wholesale cost which can altar the overall cost. The average range is between $20-$40 for single stem bud vases, and a trio of bud vases ranges from $50-$70.

Centerpiece: Arrangements

A high column arrangement with readily available flowers, like hydrangeas + greenery costs starts around $200, with an average of $250.

Want to upgrade to include premium flowers like peonies or orchids? You can expect pricing to start at a minimum of $250 depending on the season and availability of the flowers of your choice.

Photography: Caitlin Rose / Florist: Wild Bunches

Installations: Greenery on Tents & Chandeliers

Photography: Madison Katlin / Florist: The Flower Girl | Photographer: Ann Mark Photography / Florist: Blumen Floral

Greenery on light fixtures/chandeliers depends on the size and how lush you are wanting. With real greenery to be loosely fixed to a structure on site, the cost starts around $700. For a double tiered chandelier that is 8 feet on top and 6 feet on the bottom, with only greenery, you can anticipate pricing to start at $1,000 per chandelier due to the labor required and the cost of florals. For reception tent greenery, the cost can range from $900-$1700 depending on the measurements of the tent, smilax costs, and labor fee. You also can upgrade to add flowers, but the cost will increase depending on the flowers you want!

Greenery Installations: IE: Staircase

The average cost of greenery on a staircase depends on the length, fullness of the design desired and depends if it's just greenery or if you also want to include flowers. At minimum, you can expect pricing to start at $500 and continue to go up depending on the final design/vision.

Photographer: Moodyography / Florist: Good Seed Floral


What type of flower arrangements are you wanting for your big day?! We are always adding to our blog and would love to update it with any questions you may have to help set the expectation for your wedding day floral design! For more updates, or inquiries about pricing/budget, email to subscribe to our blog!