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Wedding Traditions: Are They for You? | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

There are many wedding traditions we are sure you’ve heard of. Something old, new, borrowed and

blue are just a few, and we are here to break them down for you as well as discuss if these

traditions are for you!



Having a white wedding dress is perhaps the biggest wedding tradition of all, but is it for you? According

to, the white wedding dress tradition started in 1840 with Queen Victoria when she married

Prince Albert. It had previously been tradition to be as “showy” as possible to show off your wealth, but

she chose a more modest approach to show she was a bride to her husband who she loved dearly,

rather than a Queen to the lesser status fellow she was marrying. But do you need to wear a white

wedding dress? Absolutely not! There are SO many styles and options these day. Definitely pick

something that represents YOU!


According to, this tradition came from an Old English rhyme. Something new was meant to

offer optimism for the future. Something old was a sure way to ward off the evil eye and protect any

future children the couple may have. Something borrowed was supposed to bring the couple good luck.

Something blue stood for love, purity and fidelity—what the Old English considered were three key

qualities for a solid marriage. But do you need to incorporate these items into your wedding day? If you

want to, sure! But definitely do not stress about it! You can keep it super simple like counting your dress

as the something new, or wearing a family member’s earrings for something old or borrowed, etc.


Multi-tiered wedding cakes have been the norm since the 19 th century according to food journal

Gastronomica. In summary, when Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II) married Prince Philip in 1947,

each tier of her cake had a different purpose: one for the wedding, one sent off as a gift, and one

preserved for a future occasion. Some people saved the cake to celebrate their first child’s christening,

which everyone believed would be during the first year of marriage. Now the top tier is saved to enjoy in

celebration of a couple’s 1 year wedding anniversary. Saving the top tier of your wedding cake is

definitely not necessary these days. Some couples don’t have cake, and if they do, a lot of bakeries offer

a free slice/cupcake of their flavor of wedding cake on their 1 year anniversary. If you have a cake a

choose to save your top tier, it is imperative that you do it correctly! Head over to this article by for step by step instructions!


According to, this tradition dates back to when arranged marriages were the norm.

Weddings used to be more of a business deal, and it was normal for the couple to not see each other

before the ceremony (the veil-over-the-face thing comes into play here too) so if the groom didn’t find

his assigned bride attractive it would be too late for him to back out, which would cause shame to the

bride’s family. WHOA. Thankfully that is not the case anymore! These days first looks are pretty popular.

Having a first look can help calm your nerves and help you to get most of your photos out of the way

before your ceremony leaving more time to celebrate afterwards. Waiting to see each other until the

ceremony can also be extra special and add to the excitement of your special day. Whatever you

choose, there is no wrong way!

Whether you choose to incorporate some of these traditions into your own wedding or not, your

wedding day will be special and unforgettable!