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Wedding Insurance | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

You are planning the ultimate wedding, where everything goes perfectly and we know, you are also secretly bargaining with mother nature to give you ideal weather, but unfortunately, anything can happen on your wedding day, and most things that can go wrong, are completely out of your control. What if your photographer doesn’t show up, or what if the baker drops your wedding cake, or what if the best man melts the suit shirt before the wedding? Most would say it’s better to be safe than sorry, and your wedding day should be no different. Give yourself some protection and peace of mind on the off-chance that something happens to your venue, your vendors, your wardrobe or your wedding gifts.

Wedding insurance may financially protect you and your wallet from a variety of unexpected issues that could come up. It can be confusing to know what you need, but we are here to break it down for you - to help you better understand if you need it, what it can offer & where you can purchase it, as your big day approaches.

What Types of Wedding Insurance Are There? There are two types of wedding insurance - event liability & property damage insurance and event cancellation/postponement insurance, and even though they are both considered “wedding insurance”, they do in fact cover different items.

  • Event Liability & Property Damage Insurance - most wedding venues require you to obtain this and show proof of liability insurance prior to your wedding day. This helps to protect you if you are held financially liable for any property damage, bodily injuries, or any alcohol related accidents that may come up during your wedding

    • Event Liability Coverage also includes the rehearsal dinner, the wedding and the wedding reception, as long as they are all within 48 hours of each other. The coverage also automatically extends 24 hours before and 24 hours after the wedding to help cover the setup and breakdown of the events.

  • Event Cancellation & Postponement Insurance - this offers coverage for any non-refundable expenses or forfeited deposits should the wedding be canceled due to extreme weather, unexpected illness, military leave and other serious situations.

    • Not only can this insurance protect you from the financial impact of unforeseen cancellation or postponement, but it also protects you against vendors who may not fulfill their contractual obligations (for example, one of your vendors goes out of business before your wedding, you’d be able to get your deposit back).

    • Some other examples of unexpected scenations in which wedding insurance may cover are theft of cards/gifts at the reception, damage to the wedding dress or tuxedos, photographs that get lost or damaged, requiring additional expenses to reshoot and reproduce, or having to relocate the wedding last minute due to changes out of your control

    • It does not provide coverage for loss or damage arising in any way from infectious disease, virus, bacterium or other microorganism

    • Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide coverage due to a pandemic or epidemic as declared by the World Health Organization or any governmental authority.

    • It is important to remember that event cancellation insurance does not cover losses caused by poor wedding planning, poor marketing or lack of interest.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing Wedding Insurance? Wedding insurance is a way to protect all of your time, your energy, your money spent in creating the perfect wedding day. It can cover a blanket of items from those small issues that can incur unexpected expenses all the way up to those unforeseen circumstances that could cause a cancellation or postponement of the entire wedding reception.

The truth is that all events post liability risks, therefore, a majority of venues require liability insurance before they’ll allow you to use their facilities on wedding day. Don’t be surprised if your venue asks you to provide proof of Event Liability Insurance as part of your contract with them - they are just protecting the venue (and you).

Who Should Purchase Wedding Insurance? Everyone - literally anyone and everyone who is planning a wedding.. Whether you are having a low-key microwedding or throwing the biggest bash post-Covid wedding anyone’s ever seen, everyone should consider wedding insurance and the wedding event cancellation insurance premium is based on the limits selected, so you can focus in and get the coverage and rate level that’s appropriate for your specific wedding.

So What’s the Cost? Wedding insurance policies start at less than $100 in most states, and the average cost is under $200. The cost of the insurance and the policy varies depending on a variety of factors (state, city, overall budget of your specific wedding, insurance company, etc).

  • Each limit is available with host liquor liability coverage - but a lower premium applies to events if liquor is excluded

  • Bundle & Save! Event Liability & Event Cancellation Insurance can be quoted & purchased online quickly - and there may even be up to a 10-15% discounting for purchasing both types of policies at the same time, whoop whoop!

Recommendations! Before you jump on google to search, we’ve narrowed down the best, the easiest, the most bang for your buck recommendations.

Insurance Insights!

  • If you purchase online, you’ll receive coverage documents immediately via email

  • The Certificate of Insurance can also be emailed directly to the venue, so it’s one less thing you have to remember to do!

  • The coverage is primary for both the insured and the venue, which is what most venues require anyways and the Insurance’s liability policy covers you with up to $1 million in coverage

  • Event Liability Coverage can be purchased alone, or it can be purchased additionally with the Wedding Event Cancellation & Postponement Policy at a discounted rate!

  • We know you have your hands and hearts full, but in case you completely drop the ball until right before your wedding day, it’s important to know that most event insurance can be purchased up to the actual day of the wedding! If the insurance is purchased the same day as the wedding, the coverage does not go into effect until the payment is confirmed and purchase is complete.



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