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Tips on Getting Married at a Historical Venue | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

Getting married at a Historical Venue is such a fun and unique experience. The architecture and design is

so beautiful and it’s so cool to see all of the handcrafted details. It is important to keep in mind that

historical venues usually have special rules you will need to follow, so here are a few things to ask about.


Weddings typically involve candles because they add a certain romantic feeling and they are

just beautiful! A lot of historical venues may not allow candles in order to ensure not only the safety of

guests but the safety of the historical building. You may have to use LED candles instead. LED candles

may not be ideal, but they have so many great options now and you won’t have to worry about the fire

department being called on your wedding day!


Historical Venues tend to have antique light fixtures and furniture. It’s

important to keep in mind that these items may not be able to be moved, so your

photographer/videographer may have to work around them. There may also be specific rules limiting

where you can get ready, where/if you can hang things, and where guests are allowed to mingle. For

example, you may not be able to hang your dress on a window or light fixture for a dress photo, or you

may not be allowed to attach things to the walls like floral installations or string lights. All of this is done

to ensure the preservation of the building.


Be sure to let your vendors know about any special rules due to the historical

nature of the venue. Some venues may fine you if you, your wedding party/guests or vendors do not

follow the rules they have outlined. These things are normally explained in your wedding contract with

the venue or sent to you upon booking.


We love historical venues and in order to preserve them and continue to have the ability to use these

gorgeous buildings, it is important to keep these things in mind!

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