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The Scoop on Wedding Thank You Cards | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

You’ve just had the wedding of your dreams, you’re back from your honeymoon and now it’s time to send out your thank you cards. Odds are you’ve already sent out your fair share of thank you cards but there is some specific wedding card etiquette rules you might want to know.


Are Thank You Cards Necessary?

YES. Sending out thank you cards is a MUST! Your guests spent the time to get you something off your registry or donate towards your honeymoon, arrange travel and take time out of their busy lives all to celebrate you and this new chapter in your life. The least you can do is say thank you!

When Should You Send Them Out?

This depending on when you receive your wedding gift from each guest. According to The Knot, if you receive a gift before your wedding day (which happens a lot these days since people can have something sent directly to your home with the click of a button) you should send them a thank you note within 2 weeks. For all gifts received on your wedding day or after, you have a three-month window to get those thank you notes sent out.

What Should You Include in Your Thank You Cards?

Thanking your guests for attending your wedding as well as sending a gift is a good start. It’s also a good idea to address your guest by name and mention the gift they gave you and why you like or how you plan to use it. This helps to personalize your thank you cards so it doesn’t seem like you’re writing the same generic message for every guest. Trust us, your guests will feel truly appreciated!

Can You Send Thank You Cards Digitally?

The answer is yes, you can….but we don’t recommend it. We understand the convenience of sending a thank you note digitally. Everything seems to be able to be digitized these days, but there are some things that we think should still be mailed. Its more personal and shows that you took some time out of your day to write a thank you note especially for your guests.

*It is a great idea to purchase thank you cards a couple months before your wedding so when early gifts inevitably arrive you will already be prepared to start writing those thank yous!





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