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Shape Wear Shopping for Your Wedding Dress | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

This topic doesn’t seem to be talked about much, but it should be! Accessories like shoes, veils and jewelry can make you feel prettier in your gown, so there's nothing wrong with feeling better in your wedding dress because you might be using a flattering undergarment to fit the shape of your dress, too. There are so many different kinds of dresses so naturally there are many different types of undergarments & shape wear. Here are some tips to help you choose your shape wear depending on your wedding day look!


Do You Need Shape Wear?

Of course not! This is completely up to you. Shape wear isn't necessary, but can be helpful for women of all shapes & sizes to achieve the look they're aiming for in their dream dress. Depending on the style of your dress and how comfortable you feel in it, you may want just a little something to help shape you, more than one undergarment or nothing at all.

Choose your Dress

Obviously you will need to choose your dress first to know what kind of shapewear you may want. When

you say yes to the dress, a good rule of thumb would be to ask the bridal shop you bought your dress at

what they recommend. They may even have something in store that you can try on which is super helpful! If what they recommend isn’t jiving with you, no worries! You can definitely check other bridal shops or online stores for something more up your alley.

*Pro-Tip: Make sure you test out your shape wear with your dress before your big day. Walk around your

house for a little bit and make sure it looks right and feels comfortable. Keep your receipt so you can

exchange it if you need to!

Shapewear Qualities to Look For:

-Structure: You definitely want shapewear that will stay put and not roll up or roll down. This is soooo

important especially since you’ll be wearing your wedding attire for several hours and dancing the night


-Silhouette: You’ll want to make sure your shapewear matches the silhouette of your wedding dress.

You do not want to have to keep adjusting yourself to make you’re your shape wear isn’t showing all


-Color: Keep the color of your shapewear in mind, especially if you have any lace or cutouts in your

dress. Typically, you should try and find shapewear that matches your skin tone.

-Comfort: Last but not least, the shapewear you choose needs to be comfortable! There is nothing

worse than wearing something uncomfortable for several hours.

Your Dress Style

Your dress style will definitely determine what kind of undergarments you may want. Here is a simple

guide to get you started!

-Deep-V: If your dress has a deep V in the front, consider something like this bodysuit from Spanx. This

will give you the structure you want while allowing that sexy detail of your dress to shine.

-Low Back: If your dress has a low back, consider something like this bodysuit from Item. It has

adjustable straps so you can find the best way it works with your dress.

-Flowy: If your dress is a flowy style, consider something like this half-slip from Bare Necessities. It will

help your flowy dress not get stuck between your legs while walking down the aisle or while getting your

groove on the dance floor.

-Leg Slit: If your dress has a high leg slit, opt for something like this high-low short from Skims. How cool

is this?!

-Strapless: If you have a strapless dress, you might want to stick with something simple like this strapless

bodysuit by Wacoal.

*Pro-Tip: If you don’t want or need shape wear but you do want *something* for your lovely lady lumps,

check with the alterations department to see if some cups can be added into the bodice of your dress. If

that is not an option, don’t forget about sticky bras and nipple covers! There are a ton of styles and

colors for these.

We hope these tips make shape wear shopping a little easier! Remember that the most important thing

is that you feel comfortable in whatever you choose so you can enjoy your wedding day in style and





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