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Seating + Table Assignment Inspo | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

​We have noticed one of the things couples dread about wedding planning comes down to the tiny details at the end; ultimately the seating chart + table assignments. Although you don't have to have assigned seats or tables, if you choose to do so we wanted to show you some ways that our former couples have been creative with the task!

Why assigned tables? Assigning tables is a good way of intertwine your guests from both of your family and friends. When you assign tables you have the ability to group together your co-workers, his family with her family, elderly, or even children. Also, you can make sure that immediate family has the best view and that the grandparents are furthest away from the DJ speaker. You have the ability to control who gets to socialize during the reception and meet each other.

Why assigned seats? A good reason to assign actual seats at your wedding reception would be for plated meals offered by your catering company. When everyone has a certain seat, it is more efficient to get their chicken or fish plate out to them with little to no error. We want our guests to remember that you can also assign seats to certain tables, instead of the whole wedding - for example, it's not a bad idea to assign seats to your wedding party at the head table or for your family/reserved tables!

Don't get overwhelmed at the idea! It can be as simple as sending something into the local copy center or just scratching the whole idea and sticking with just reserved tables for the wedding party and immediate family!

We hope this brings you ideas, guidance, and inspiration as you can see what our couples have done in the past! Don't forget a seating assignment is a great way to incorporate a wedding favor... from to-go succulents, to macaroons, to koozies we have never seen a disappointment!