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Natalie + Brad; Hotel Ella - Austin, TX Wedding Planners

Ashley Nicole Affair / Austin Wedding Planners

It’s actually hard to put into words how much love Natalie and Brad were surrounded with on their wedding day. They had all of Hotel Ella reserved for their wedding, their guests, and we would probably imagine that wasn’t even half of the people who were present. It goes to show you how loved a couple is when it takes over a minute to get them introduced into the reception because they are being stopped to hug, high five, and greet each guest as they walk in. Our favorite things about the night were their wedding were their florals & overall wedding color palette. It was great to see Shandee, from the Bloom Bar, before the ceremony as she was putting together their beautiful arrangements - and we had coordinated her wedding one week prior! Check it out here!

It is undeniably obvious the love that Natalie and Brad have for each other. We watched the words come out of their mouth as they recited their vows and promise to love each other. We had no idea that the Monday after the wedding, their vows would already be tested as they got home and quickly found out that Brad had been diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. When the newlyweds should have been on an airplane to Thailand, they had to change their plans and immediately start Brad on radiation, as well as chemotherapy in an attempt to destroy a baseball sized mass in his chest.

From October to November, they had already emotionally endured more than an average couple would experience in a lifetime. Through the radiation and chemotherapy, they got through Thanksgiving and Christmas together, while also finally moving into their new forever home.

Natalie is standing strong by Brad’s side, being his biggest cheerleader throughout his journey. He has already finished 18 treatments of radiation and is already mapping out the next treatment plan to beat cancer. You can follow their updates and provide them strength by visiting the blog Natalie updates frequently at:

Natalie and Brad’s love story is a simple reminder to enjoy your wedding, embrace the new memories being made, and presently live in the moment. We feel incredibly honored to have been a part of their perfect day and will continue to cheer for Team Brad!

Venue: Hotel Ella | Photography: Captivating Weddings | Wedding Planner: Ashley Nicole Affair | Florist: The Bloom Bar | Hair + Makeup: Bonita Brides | Band: Royal Dukes Band | Cake: Sweet Treets Bakery | Desserts: Steel City Pops | Videography: Ladybird Studios


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