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How to Plan a Local Bachelorette Party | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

We get it - you’ve reached the point in the wedding planning process where its FINALLY time to focus on your bachelorette party! Get ready to kick back, pop a bottle of bubbly, and have the PERFECT weekend with your girls. Planning a local party can have huge perks like affordable travel, lodging options on a budget, and in the age of COVID travel restrictions it may be the safest option to stay closer to home. You still can get yourself that bachelorette party your deserve. Whatever your initial reason for planning a local bachelorette party, get ready to have the time of your life! You can make your dream weekend a reality while still working around closures and new travel restrictions. Keeping it local applies to anywhere within a comfortable driving distance; while also opens up the possibilities for awesome Air BnB's. That's the best part of Texas - you can head to the lake for a rental with easy water access and a beachy vibe! Or you can take an hour drive to the hill country for a funky treehouse or cabin. If you want to keep it in the metro, there is always the option to pop on over to the nearest city for a penthouse view. If you’re planning to keep most of the activities at your rental location, make sure you opt for something with ample indoor or outdoor space. ​

  • You can always head to a winery with a view like Das Peach Haus in Fredericksburg that sits on a scenic body of water. Don't forget to pick up some goodies from the culinary store to use later in the weekend for a beautiful charcuterie board.

  • Book a waterfront property somewhere like Lake Austin or Canyon Lake, rent a boat for the day and let loose on the water. You can always add a fun theme for your girls to get into like neon, tie-dye, or challenge everyone to wear their best Coachella inspired bikinis.

  • For the fitness junkies, sweat it out by booking a group class or a private instructor that can come to your rental. Do a spin class with a customized playlist, yoga, or turn it into a full-on dance party by hiring a choreographer to teach your group a fun routine.

  • Have a private chef or catering company come to you and prepare a delicious meal for you and your girls! You can elevate it and add an extra special touch with beautiful place settings and personalized menus or name cards. Don't forget to create a signature cocktail for the evening in honor of the bride to really give her the full fine dining experience!

  • If you’ve chosen a more remote location, take advantage of the nature around you for entertainment. Spend a day in a state park, visit a local swimming hole, or book a horseback riding expedition at a nearby ranch. Finish off the day with cute matching flannel pajamas and gather around a firepit for hot toddy’s and s’mores.

  • Commit to a theme for the whole weekend and transport your bride to anywhere in the world. Create the vibe of a Cancun trip with colorful beachy décor, a mezcal/tequila tasting, and a fresh seafood dinner - or pretend you’re sitting in a café in Paris with a classy pastry brunch complete with macarons and champagne.

  • BRIDE EXOTIC! Anybody remember Tiger King? Who doesn't want a tiger themed party with all of your cool cats and kittens? Don't forget to highlight your Bride Exotic so she is the star!

  • Pamper your crew with a spa day or beauty services – many of which can come to you. Mobile nail salons, massages, or traveling makeup artists are perfect for a day of luxury and relaxation. This is also a great time to put those matching robes to good use! Check out the Priv app!

  • If you want to spice things up, hire a boudoir photographer to do individual mini sessions. Have everyone bring 1-2 outfits, crank up the Beyoncé, and let your fun fierce side out! It’s a playful way to bond with your girlfriends and make everyone feel glamourous.

We love bachelorette parties! Don't forget to send YOUR bachelorette party pics and ideas to us so we can feature them on our social media + blog!



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