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Size Guide for Perfectly Fit Linens | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

Picturing the vision and layout of your wedding reception can be exciting and daunting at the same time, especially when thinking about all of the details coming together. It’s often challenging to pass the torch and turn to the experts to help bring your wedding dreams to life, but when it comes to linen sizes and knowing what you need for each table, that’s where the experts come in. Choosing linen sizes can be confusing initially, especially if it’s not something you’ve ever done before. So before you grab the calculator, we’ve created a simple table linen size guide, to lead you into making those perfect sizing selections. Now all you have to do is select the perfect fabric & texture! TABLE TYPES The first thing you’ll want to do is confirm which table types you’ll need, how many of each one you’ll need, and confirm the purpose of each one. There’s a lot of table size options out there (and trust us, it can be overwhelming!) so we are going to focus in on the 3 most used - banquet table, round table, cocktail table BANQUET TABLE Banquet tables are very popular as they can be used for a variety of things, such as welcome tables, buffet and beverage station tables, cake or dessert tables, guest seating, etc.

When discussing rectangular tables, length refers to the longer edge of the table measured in feet and width refers to the shorter edge measured in inches (example is 6’x30”). Both length and width of rectangular linens, however, are measured in inches (example is 90” x 132”). A standard banquet table is a 6 foot table or a 8 foot table

  • 6ft table | 6’ by 30” | 90” x 132” linen

  • 8ft table | 8’ by 30” | 90” x 156” linen​

Info table courtesy of BBJ Linen

ROUND TABLES Round tables are also super popular as they can be used for a variety of things, such as guest seating, cake tables, champagne tower tables, memory tables When discussing round tables, diameter is the distance from one end of the table to the other, through the center of the table, and is measured in inches (example is 60” round).A standard round table is a 4 foot round, 5 foot round or a 6 foot round

  • 4ft table | 48” round table | 108” linen

  • 5ft table | 60” round table | 120” linen

  • 6ft table | 72” round table | 132” linen ​

Info table courtesy of BBJ Linen

HIGH COCKTAIL TABLES cocktail tables are smaller round tables and are perfectly sized to be used during cocktail hour for guests to have a place to set their drink and appetizer A standard cocktail table comes in either a 30” round or 36” round and the size of the linens can vary depending on the height, and whether or not you want the linens to just lay flat to the ground, or be tied around the table pole. When sashing a cocktail table, we recommend choosing a linen one size larger because when the linen is sashesd, it lifts up slightly from the bottom, exposing the metal base of the table (so the extra fabric will help to hide the table legs).

  • 30” Round | 108” linen | linen lays flat to the ground

  • 30” Round | 120” linen | linen to be tied at pole

  • 36” Round | 120” linen | linen lays flat to the ground

  • 36” Round | 132” linen | linen to be tied at pole

PRO TIP: If you are trying to decide whether to tie or not to tie cocktail table linen, consider the overall function and overall vision for the table. Some brides choose to tie a sash around the cocktail table to keep the linens from blowing in the breeze (great to consider if these tables will be set up outside for cocktail hour). Others chose to tie a sash, or greenery or flowers around the base to tie in their wedding design (another great way to add those personal touches into the day). But other brides like the clean and basic look of a cocktail table and that’s perfectly fine as well.

Info table courtesy of BBJ Linen

TABLE RUNNERS Table runners have quickly become popular in weddings, whether you put them down the center of your head table or add a little flair to your guest rounds. They are also another personal design choice as there’s a lot to choose from, as some are longer, some are shorter, some are wider and some are thinner. Before you decide on the size, color and texture, consider the width of the table vs the width of the runner and confirm what items will be placed on it, such as decor, flowers, candlesticks and table top items to make sure everything is laid out exactly as you envision.


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