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Lighting for Your Wedding Day | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

There are so many details that go into a wedding. One of those details that can sometimes get

overlooked is lighting. We’ve put together a list of several ways enhance the vibe of your wedding with




This is an obvious one since most people incorporate candles into their wedding day. Whether you

choose real candles or faux candles, they can make a huge difference! Be sure to check with your venue

on which kind of candles they allow. Some historical venues may not allow real ones. If you choose to

use faux candles, be sure to choose candles with a warm yellow hue. Some LED candles can have a

white/blue hue to them which can bring more attention to the fact that they are not real.

There’s nothing quite like the glow of a bunch of twinkle lights! Many venues already have these in their

outdoor spaces, but don’t be afraid to add twinkle lights indoors as well!


These are similar to twinkle lights because they are also on long strands, except the bulbs are much

bigger. These are typically seen on patios and other outdoor spaces. These can also be found at a lot of

wedding venues, but if your venue doesn’t have these and you want to add them there are a couple

things to consider. There will need to be a couple of anchor points, so you’ll need to check with your

venue to see if there are places in trees or on the side of buildings to attach the lights. If not, you may

need to rent weighted poles for the lights to attach to. Most rental companies will have everything you



Often times bands or DJs will have up lighting you can rent. You can use up lighting to accentuate

architectural features on your venue indoors or outdoors. You can usually change the colors of up

lighting to fit your color scheme as well!


Neon signs are a great way to incorporate some fun lighting into your wedding day. You can rent signs or

even get your own custom sign made!

Lighting can completely change the entire feel of your wedding, so while it might not be at the top of

your list, but don’t forget it's always a show-stopping option!



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