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How to Honor Your Late Loved Ones Austin, TX Wedding Planners

First and foremost, if you have lost someone close to you we are sending you the biggest hug. Not

having a loved one on your wedding day is extremely difficult. It can sometimes make wedding planning

feel even more overwhelming. We know how that feels from personal experience and we wanted to

help give you some ideas on how to honor your late loved ones on your wedding day.


Reserve a Seat at your Ceremony

Reserving a seat for your loved one is a great way to make them a part of your wedding day. You can

print your favorite photo of them and put it in a nice frame and place it on a seat for them in the front


Using a Piece of their clothing

Another great way to incorporate a late loved one would be to use an item of their clothing during your

wedding day. Some examples would be a bride wearing her grandma’s wedding dress, or using part of

her mom’s dress to wrap around the stems of her bouquet. It could be a groom wearing his dad’s

favorite shirt under his tux or keeping his grandpa’s handkerchief in his pocket. The options are endless

and it might make you feel like they are right beside you on your special day.

Using a Piece of their Jewelry

Similar to the suggestion above, wearing your grandma or mother’s ring, earrings or necklace would be

a beautiful way to honor a late loved one. Wearing your grandpa or father’s cufflinks or watch would be

another great example.

Bouquet and Boutonniere Charms

These are becoming more popular and they are such a great option. There are many different kinds of

charms you can add to a bouquet or boutonniere. Some are mini picture frames you can add photos to

and some are just engraved with someone’s name. The charms are a great way to hold your loved ones

close on your wedding day and also incorporate them into your wedding photos as well.

Incorporating their Favorite Song

Incorporating a late loved one’s favorite song into your wedding could be a great option. Or maybe you

could use the song to walk down the aisle to, or perhaps end the night with.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful and we wish you the most beautiful wedding day.



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