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How to Deal with Rain on Your Wedding Day

We all dream of the perfect weather for our wedding day. Not too hot, not too cold, and most

importantly, no rain, especially for an outdoor wedding. Unfortunately, our weather dreams don’t

always come true. Since Mother Nature is out of our hands, the best thing to do is to have a rain plan.



When booking your venue, be sure to ask them what their rain plan options are. Some venues may only

have the option of having you rent a tent. Although a tent may not be ideal, it’s definitely better all your

guests getting soaked! Keep in mind that if you want to put a tent on hold, you’ll need to do it far in

advance and there is usually a non-refundable deposit and specific cancellation rules. Some venues may

just be able to set up everything indoors and then “flip” the space for the reception. Either way, knowing

you have a rain plan will help ease your mind about the weather on your wedding day.


If you’ve heard that rain on your wedding day is bad luck, don’t believe it! According to, “Many

say that rain on your wedding day brings good luck, with some cultures viewing it as a symbol of fertility.

Since rain brings forth crops from the ground, they believe this type of weather means you’ll be blessed

with children. In Hindu traditions, rain on the day of a wedding is said to make the unit even stronger

and longer-lasting, since a wet knot is very difficult to untie.” You can view the full article here.


Fast forward to a few days before your wedding and the forecast is predicting a downpour on your big

day. It is absolutely ok to feel bummed or sad. It is definitely not ideal and we get that! After you have

accepted the fact that it will probably be raining on your wedding day, embrace it! There are a lot of

cute ideas for a rainy wedding day that are easy to put together quickly.

1. Talk to your photographer. Most photographers have had to deal with a rainy wedding day

before, so they may have some fun ideas or suggestions for your photos!.

2. Take advantage of the sky. A dark, cloudy sky can add a fun moody vibe to some of your photos.

3. We have seen some amazing rainy photos of couple’s using clear bubble umbrellas! We found

some cute ones here! You can even gather a few extra for your guests and add some fun signage

to let them know the rain isn’t stopping the party!

4. Rain boots! Snag a pair of white rain boots to keep it classy or opt for a colorful pair to add a fun

element to some of your photos.

5. Is it still raining at the end of the night? Have fun with it and do a last dance in the rain with your


Being prepared for rainy weather will help ease your mind and allow you to focus on the west of your

wedding planning. You’ve got this! Rest assured that no matter the weather on your big day, it will be an

amazing day you’ll never forget!

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