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How to Create Your Wedding Guest List | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

Creating your guest list for your wedding seems simple but it can quickly turn into a daunting task. There might be some people in your life pressuring you to invite people or you may not be sure how to handle plus ones or kids. We are here to help!


1. Complete your guest list 6 months prior to your wedding

As a general rule of thumb, save the dates should be sent out about 6 months before your wedding day. This will help give you a deadline for when you need to have your desired guest list ready!

2. Start with the people most important to you

Start your guest list with the people in your life that mean the most to you, the people you absolutely need at your wedding! Family and your very best friends will most likely make up most of your guest list.

3. Decide if you want kids at your wedding

This can be a tough decision, but remember it is your wedding and you deserve to have the wedding you want! Check out our blog post about how to ask for a kid-free wedding day if that the route you decide on.

4. How to manage plus ones

You will need to decide how you want to handle plus ones. Most people don’t want to look through their wedding photos and see a bunch of strangers. If you don’t want anyone at your wedding you don’t know, you’ll need to make it clear to any single friends or family that they can’t have a plus one unless they meet your “terms.” That could be unless you’ve met their date, or unless they are in a relationship with their date, whatever you feel most comfortable with!

5. How to handle guest requests

Maybe your in-laws are asking if you can invite all of their friends…who you aren’t close with at all. This can be tough to handle especially if they are helping foot the bill. Have an honest and respectful conversation and explain your intention isn’t to hurt anyone’s feelings but that you want your wedding to be filled with the people you love and not acquaintances or people you don’t know.

6. Consider your budget

When you have a pretty solid guest list make sure your budget can accommodate everyone. This could mean taking a look at the cost of tables/chairs, catering and cake. If you feel like you’re going over budget, take the time to sit down together and figure out if there is anyone you can cross off your list.

At the end of the day, remember this is your wedding day! Be sure to invite those closest to you who will help your big day feel even more special than it already is.




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