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How to Accommodate Dietary Restrictions & Allergies on Your Wedding Day | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

Dietary restrictions and food allergies seem to be more common these days. Keeping this in mind is a

thoughtful way to show your guests you care! After all, who wants to show up to a wedding with

delicious food but not be able to eat it!? Here are some simple tips to help accommodate your guest’s

food needs.


1. Include a spot on your invitations where guests can write down their food allergy (allergic to

shellfish, lactose intolerant) or dietary restriction (vegetarian or vegan).

2. Talk to your caterer about a special option for people with any restrictions. Often times you can

come up with one dish that will accommodate most guests with a restriction or allergy.

3. If you are having a buffet, please be sure to let these guests know that you have a special meal

for them. This way they won’t go through the buffet realizing they can only have carrots and

green beans. If you are having a plated meal, be sure to indicate to the staff where those guests

are seated. For example, you can have a special marking on their place card.

4. Don’t forget dessert! Be sure to include some kind of dessert option for them too!

Most likely, you won’t have a ton of people with food allergies or restrictions, so it usually isn’t too

difficult to accommodate these guests. They will be able to enjoy your amazing wedding food just like

everyone else and I promise they will be extra grateful!




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