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Whatta Man; This one is for the Grooms - Austin, TX Wedding Planners

Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man! Gotta say it again now! It’s an easy assumption that the wedding is all about the little girl who’s been dreaming about her wedding since she was 10 years old or the always a bridesmaid, but now a blushing bride. Much to our surprise, a wedding can also be a man’s man’s world. We’re here to give a shout out to those guys in the wedding world, to the little boys who grew up to be a groom and husband. Let’s acknowledge and incorporate their style, their personality, their hobbies and their wants into his perfect wedding day!


The groom’s wedding attire doesn’t have to be basic and boring - it can make a statement, bring personality and represent him on the most important day of his life. Whether you are selecting a classic tux, a casual suit, a laid back pressed jean look, there’s plenty of accessories that can drastically change the vibe and look of the attire. Not only can these add to your overall look, but your photographer will love capturing these items for detail shots!

  • Neckwear - A tie is the simplest way to jazz up a man’s attire and is almost a must-have when it comes to your overall wedding look. The options are endless when it comes to fabric, color, style, patterns, themes, etc.If you're all about sporting bold groom accessories, a statement or novelty print will take your suit to the next level.

  • Cufflinks - small, but mighty and can be as simple, traditional and classy as can be, or you can find the perfect novelty pair to highlight your personality.

  • Socks - a must-have item in your wedding wardrobe and one of the easiest ways to add your own personal style to your look. And as socks are easily hidden, you can get as wild as you want with them by showcasing your favorite sports team, superhero, food, pattern, etc. (plus it’s a super easy gift to give to your guys!).

  • Additional Accessories - a few other accessories that you can wear on your wedding day include suspenders, belt, shoes, pocket knife, pocket watch, wallet, tie clips, pocket square, hat, etc.


Weddings don’t have to be stuffy and boring - now is the time to make bold statements and incorporate some unique trends that will be sure to stand out and allow for some fun and games to come into play!

  • Flower Boys | A new wedding trend that we can’t get enough of is flower boys. Unite your college boys, hand them a fanny pack filled with flower petals, and let them set the stage for your wedding by dancing their way down the aisle to you & your forever!

  • Backyard Games | A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, so gather up some of your favorite tailgate games and bring them to your wedding. Guests will love the interaction and breath of fresh air by tossing around cornhole bags, stacking up jenga and throwing some dice at yardzee.

  • Garter Toss | Football fan? Then toss the garter on a football for a creative twist on the tradition

  • Cigar Roller | Once all of the traditions are complete - the vows, the formal pictures, the dinner, the champagne toast, the first dance, the cake cutting, it’s now time to toss those jackets off, roll up the sleeves & roll up some cigars! A live cigar roller makes for the perfect ending to a memorable wedding that guests will remember for years to come. So grab the guys & enjoy some fresh premium cigars under the stars!

  • Getaway Car | Make a statement and ride away in style! There’s several options beyond a limo, including a vintage classic car, an antique truck, a pedi-cab, an electronic moped or a horse drawn carriage!


Two of the must-haves for an enjoyable wedding reception are catering & cocktails, so let’s incorporate some fun and unique options for both the bar and bites that showcase the groom!

  • Bar Ideas

    • “His Signature Drink” - These should be all about what you enjoy most, whether it’s tequila, tea, bourbon or basil, feel free to get fancy with those signature cocktails and don’t forget the custom cocktail name, speciality glassware and garnish to put the perfect touch on your porch pounder!

    • Personalized Ice Cubes - Freezing and popping up everywhere are customizable, personalized & monogrammed ice cubes that can be served in your cocktails! It’s super unique and a wow factor, and we guarantee your guests will love it (and will be going back for another)!

    • Tasting Flights - A lot of drinking is done on the wedding day, and another way to take that bar to the next level is to offer tasting flights during the reception. You can choose beer or whiskey (or hey, even wine) and it’s a unique way to showcase and sample some of your favorites (and maybe even local favorites) for you and your guests​.

  • Food Ideas

    • Grooms Cake - A traditional wedding cake is usually a continuation of the wedding day’s theme or aesthetic, but a groom’s cake is all about the man of the hour! Designed with ONLY the groom in mind, a groom’s cake is the best way to honor and showcase his interests, personality and favorite flavors. It’s not a must have, but it’s a real winner in our books!

    • Late Night Snacks - aka the Taco Bell 4th meal (ok it doesn't have to be Taco Bell), but offering a late night snack for guests to munch on after a few rounds of drinks, is a great end to the night! Whether it’s pizza, honey butter chicken biscuits, fries, breakfast tacos, etc - spoil that hubby by including his favorite guilty pleasures!


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