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Unique Grand Exit Alternatives | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

It's the best and the worst; it's that bittersweet feeling that your night is over, the last song is coming to an end, and all of your guests are outside of your venue while your getaway car awaits. The night has ended, but that doesn't mean you need to dodge your drunk friends with four sparklers in each hand! We compiled a list of unique and unforgettable send-off items that your photographer won't want to miss capturing! Here's a way to get creative and step outside of the sparkler box!​

If you want to keep it natural and look for a whimsical feeling and beautiful smell with your exit, consider dried lavender or dried flowers. You can purchase pre-filled sachets, or buy the dried buds in bulk and allow your guests to scoop their own into whatever vessel you choose. These can be purchased on Etsy or Amazon starting at $20 for 18 pre-filled bags!

Playful, colorful, and a pretty simple exit item; ribbon wands are a great way to celebrate! You can customize the rods with your wedding date, hashtag, names, etc., and the ribbons can be the same color as your flowers! Add some wedding bells and make it chime! Pricing starts at $25 for 50 on Etsy & Amazon, or it could be a fun DIY project for the bridal party to do! But even better, here they are ON AMAZON!


An accessible, crowd-pleasing exit item that’s great for all ages (and doesn’t require any clean-up afterward!) These personalized mini bottles can also double as party favors, so your guests can blow your night away! Customized bottles of bubbles start at $20 for 100 on Etsy & Amazon. They are cost-effective, and you can purchase a stationary bubble machine to place by the door you are exiting out of for extra bubbles in your photos!​

FOAM + GLOW STICKS If you're planning on having a dance party at your reception, bring on the glow sticks for your exit item (especially if the party bus is taking everyone to an after-party!) Glow sticks come in all sizes - necklaces, bracelets, glasses, foam sticks, you name it. Amazon offers a wide variety of options to end the night on a bright note, or Etsy has the option to personalize your items.

WHITE BALLOONS Float away in style with white balloons - either with or without LED lights. These create a wow factor photo opportunity. Helium balloons start at $10 for 100 on Amazon or go with LED-lit balloons from Etsy for $18 for 50. Don’t forget the helium tank, or make it easy on yourself, and have a local party store fill these for you beforehand.


Plan ahead and ask your florist to leave some extra bags of petals before they go. As your guests exit the evening, they can grab a handful and throw them as you go! PAPER AIRPLANES Need an activity for your wedding party to do together? Creating fun-loving paper airplanes for your grand exit is one of the cutest & most playful items we’ve seen because let’s be honest, it’s been a few years since we’ve folded an airplane! It gives you another chance to personalize your wedding items and offer a variety of colors; don't forget to test them out so your guests can make sure they all send you off by flying high!

We've seen it all, and in Texas, IT IS HOT! Having a daytime wedding reception, like Shandee? Cool off with these awesome water guns and let your guests laugh their way out of the reception!


Everywhere we go, people want to know, who we are, so we tell them! Cheer poms are a cheerful exit item that’s quick and easy to buy, hand out, and let your guests start cheering for the newlyweds! Amazon prices start at $10 for 12 items, and there’s a variety of color options to choose from!

FOG Add some fog to any of the exit items we are talking about to elevate your grand send off one more step that nobody will ever forget!

FLAGS/PENNANTS An assortment of cheers, hooray & congratulations pennants are unique celebratory statements that your guests can wave around as you head to your happily ever after! They can also serve as a party favor, place setting, name card so you can get double the use out of them at your reception! Etsy prices start at $50 for 100 of them, or get creative with your bride tribe during your bachelorette party hangover!


You may have had to pull out all the bells & whistles to plan your wedding these days, so it is just as appropriate to pass those out for your grand exit! A variety of silver or gold bells and colorful whistles are one way to let everyone know that you tied the knot! Ringing bells are also perfect for that enchanting winter wedding. Wedding bells start at $50 for 25, and whistles start at $15 for 35. If you want to tie on a ribbon to them and personalize it with your wedding date or hashtag, they make a great ornament as a wedding favor!

Releasing sky lanterns is a unique and romantic way to end the night. Trust us, your photographer will want to savor the moment as all your guests look up in the sky and whisper well wishes for the new couple. 20 for $60 is what these magical floating lanterns will cost you, and they will be worth every dollar and every memory.

SMOKE BOMBS Want to end your wedding with a bang? How about a real colored smoke bomb exit in which you two, hand in hand, dash off in a cloud of colorful smoke? Talk about a WOW factor and an exit everyone will talk about. Of course, you’ll want to double-check with your venue, as well as inform your planner and photographer of the plans beforehand. With a variety of colors to choose from, these start at 3 for $40, and they make the BEST photographs! These are perfect for an elopement!

COLD SPARK FOUNTAINS Let your guests take the night off and hire a professional like Big Dog Pyro to take care of the exit! Cold spark fountains are a safe and surprisingly non-flammable option, but make sure you leave it up to the professionals and check with your venue before you drive off into the sparkling abyss!



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