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Gifts for Groomsmen

We have already created a blog post with some ideas for gifts for your bridesmaids, so now it’s the

groomsmen’s turn! We have compiled a list of some fun groomsman gifts below.



Planning on having a few pre-ceremony drinks while getting ready for your big day? Get your

groomsman personalized flasks or tumblers with their name or nickname on it! Some other ideas could

be custom bottle openers or shot glasses.

Groosmen gifts, koozie
Groomsmen Gifts


Cufflinks are practical but they can also be fun! Get each groomsman cufflinks of his favorite sports team

or movie character. A great place to check for something like this and most of the ideas on this list is

Etsy! A couple other fun gifts your groomsman can wear on the wedding day are sunglasses or socks! You

could splurge and get them some nice sunnies or a pair of crazy socks for some cool photos.


The gifts you get your groomsman don’t have to be “classic” groomsman gifts. Think outside the box and

get them something they can use year round! Got some music lovers on your group? How about a

portable waterproof speaker or some nice headphones? Or what about their favorite cologne? The

options are endless! Also remember that although it’s typical to get everyone the same gift, you

definitely don’t have to! Feel free to get creative and get each groomsman something you know they’ll



Want to spend some quality time with your groomsman? Get them tickets to a fun event or sports game

that yall can go to together! Often times memories are better that physical items and they will surely

appreciate it!

No matter what you choose, your groomsmen are sure to appreciate it!



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