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Different Types of Food Service for Your Wedding | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

You've chosen your caterer and now its time for your tasting and choosing which way to serve your guests. There are so many options and we are here to break it down for you!


Appetizer Dinner

An appetizer "dinner" is a good option if you are having a weddng earlier in the day or if you are on more of a budget. This type of food service can be passed or stationary and will still offer your guests a good variety while just keeping it more on the lighter side.


A buffet is a great option for serving your guests dinner on your wedding day. With a buffet you can offer a variety of options and your guests will usually have the option to come back for seconds! YOu can opt for guests to serve themselves or have catering staff serve them. Depending on your caterer, you might even have the option to add a carving station as well, which always wows the guests!

Plated Dinner

A plated dinner is a great option for a more formal wedding. It does require some work but we've got you covered with our blog post here. Plated dinners can add an up-scale flare to your wedding that guests are sure to love!


Stations can be a really fun dinner option for your guests. They can be self-served or you could have staff serving the items as well. Stations can allow you to do some really creative things! Something we've seen is a mashed potato bar where guests can make their own mashed potato creation with a plethera of toppings. Some other examples would be different kinds of sliders, a salad bar or a taco bar. Just make sure you let your guests know there are stations by having your DJ announce it so nothing gets missed!