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Celebrating Pride Month: Re-Inventing Traditions for LGBTQ+ Weddings

We’ve come a long way since PRIDE was first celebrated 50+ years ago, and merging LGBTQ+ couples and weddings is another milestone to honor & celebrate. Many couples, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, etc are searching for unique ways to showcase their love at their wedding and it’s safe to say, all rules are out. A wedding is all about celebrating love between one another, so let’s toss out some traditions, bring in personalities and ruffle some feathers. Here are some ways we can reinvent traditions for LGBTQ+ weddings, now and forever.


For some couples, the traditional proposal where one proposes to another is still quite common. But for others, each may want a chance to ask for a hand in marriage, whether it happens on the same day or not. And for some, they just decide together that they want to be married and no proposal happens.

More and more same-sex couples elect to buy engagement rings for eachother, in turn, allowing both to wear their own ring before the wedding. You can decide to choose matching rings or matching wedding bands, or go completely customizable to showcase each one’s style.


You may find you and your significant other with a lot of friends in common, so feel free to mix in and combine them all into any or all pre-wedding parties. You can name the parties whatever you’d like, and invite whoever you like without regard to gender or wedding party side. Whether it’s a couple’s shower or bachelorette/bachelor party, include them all because the more the marry(ier)!


Forget about being all matchy-matchy in terms of a wedding party and consider asking a variety of people that support you and your relationship. The traditional gender-specific roles of best man and maid of honor and bridesmaids and groomsmen can now be a mix of genders, sexual orientations, etc.


Let’s face it, you both have to walk down the aisle eventually, so get creative with how you want to do it that makes sense to you. You can opt to walk down the aisle together, or you can each walk down separately with a parent or friend, or you can both be standing there to greet all of your guests when they walk down the aisle. Whatever way you choose, will make the most sense to you and no one will know the difference.


Make your vows your own - it’s your chance to be creative and declare your love for one another. Consider expressing why your partner is special to you, why you want to marry them, and express your love and commitment with no boundaries.


The question of who takes who’s name after the big day is one of the biggest traditions you can change. Some couples decide to keep their own name, and some decide to hyphen names, but some decide to blend the two names together to create a customized new name that is unique and special to you. Whatever way you choose to go, just needs to be the best decision for you.


Traditionally, the bride's parents are financially responsible for the wedding, however now, more and more couples are paying for their own wedding themselves, or both sets of parents are chipping in equally. We encourage you to have this conversation early on, so there’s no surprises or tension down the road.


At the end of the day, your wedding should be a celebration and it doesn’t matter where, how, who, why, what you decide to do to honor and showcase your love to each other. Just remember and know that you can choose to spin the “do’s and don’ts” and you can opt to customize your own traditions and rules.


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