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Bridal Style + Wedding Party Attire | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

Photography: A Sea of Love

There are so many details that we admire when it comes to the big day! We absolutely love walking into the energy of a bridal suite, where the mimosas are flowing and we can almost always find the bridal party wearing some type of trending motif. We have collected a series of photos from a select few of our favorite weddings showcasing the outfits bridesmaids have worn while getting ready, to their dresses on the day of, and how those color palettes fit into the overall look with the groomsmen!

If there is one thing we can hope a bride to be takes from this collection of memories, it is that your dream wedding can be completely traditional or the furthest from it. Here are our favorite reminders!

Guys can stand on the bridesmaids side + girls can stand on the groomsmen side.

Photography: Moodyography

You don't have to match the color of your bridesmaids dresses to your flower choice or overall wedding color palette.

Photography: Moodyography

Don't feel like you have to follow a specific dress color or style according to the season.

Besides robes, you can always go with pajamas, shirts or matching jean jackets. Jewelry, tumblers, or wine glasses are just as appreciated!

Although it's a nice touch, don't feel obligated to individually customize everything you decide on for your gals. And don't forget, Black will always be classy + chic.

The bridal party doesn't have to stand on the left side. Pick YOUR best side. Because, at the end of the day, your wedding is about you + your fiancé! Try not to stress about what everyone else is going to wear.

Always follow your heart, trust your choices + just know that no matter what, your wedding day will be absolutely perfect.


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