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Boudoir Shoot: Is it for You? | Austin, TX Wedding Planners

Boudoir photo shoots are becoming more popular, but is it for you? That completely depends on you. Here are some fun facts and tips to help you figure out if a boudoir shoot is something you would be interested in.

Photography by Of Bare Bones

What does Boudoir mean? According to, Boudoir is a French word that means a lady's dressing room.

What is the history of Boudoir Photography? According to, it all started during the roaring 20s when cameras entered the chat. Albert Arthur Allen was an artist who was intent on changing the course of photography and women's body image. At this time, nude photography was illegal, but Allen dared to photograph women posing "scandalously" in front of ornate backdrops.

In the 1940s "pin up girls" became very popular posing in corsets and men's ties. In the 1970s photography began to carve a niche for itself in the art world and boudoir photography became even more acceptable as women wanted to claim control of their bodies.

Do I need to do a Boudoir Shoot? Absolutely not! Only do one if you are comfortable doing one. These types of photo sessions have come a long way and you have a lot of options with how you choose to do it. You can do a very classic style where you can keep it sweet and leave a lot up for the imagination or you can be a little more risqué . Some people might even choose a specific theme to stick with or some may choose to do a boudoir shoot with their significant other. The choice is yours!

How do I choose the photographer? Ask your wedding photographer if they do these types of photography sessions. This is a great opportunity to use your hair and make up trial on the day of the photo shoot, so you can see how the hair and make up photographs. If your photographer does not offer boudoir, ask who they recommend!

What do I do with the photos? Whatever you want! You can give them to your partner as a gift (sexy calendar anyone?) or you can just keep them for you, because why not!?


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